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Reviews of new movies released in theaters

The Words – Pretentious, but partially decent

‘The Words’ tries to get clever with an extended metaphor about fiction versus life and doesn’t really get there.

The Possession – Don’t tell anyone … that you’ve seen this all before

‘The Possession’ aims to bring something new to the horror genre, but it ends up being a mish-mash of things we’ve already seen before.

Lawless – An old fashioned punch in the face

‘Lawless’ is a good ol’ time, but doesn’t really hit the emotional beats it strives for.

Premium Rush – Old school thrilling bicycle ride through the streets of Manhattan

‘Premium Rush’ is a high octane chase movie about corrupt cops and the Chinese mafia – it just happens to be all on bicycles.

The Expendables 2 – An explosion that’s not as violent as you expect

‘The Expendables 2′ is a bit of a mess, but is mostly an over-the-top series explosions and punches with more than a few winks to the audience.

Sparkle – Jordin Sparks shines, but the music is the real star

There is a touch of sadness that comes with watching ‘Sparkle,’ but Jordin Sparks’ diamond-in-the-rough performance and the glorious music are sure to lift your spirits.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green fails to impress

Disney’s ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ tries hard to pull on your heart-strings, but forgets to make a good movie while doing so.

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