The cast of 666 Park Avenue introduces the creepy new show


Are you looking for something unique to watch tonight? ‘666 Park Avenue’ might be the answer. Creepy is hitting ABC with an amazing cast, frightening building and devilish deals.


Back in July, the cast sat down for interviews while attending San Diego Comic-Con. Here are a few of their thoughts on the show, its premise and about their characters.

666 Park Avenue revolves around The Drake, a high-end apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side owned by Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn) and his wife Olivia (Vanessa Williams). Life at The Drake costs more than money; it can cost the resident everything, as the bloody opening scene of the pilot graphically demonstrates.

Williams compares the couple to the Madoffs, “Everyone wanted to be [the Madoffs] and were fascinated by their money … That’s the type of power couple Olivia and Gavin represent in New York. They live in a landmark building, which everyone aspires to live in.”

“The opening sequence is what got me.” — Vanessa Williams”

In the pilot, Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable) get the opportunity to manage this historic apartment building. Though at what cost? Williams continued to explain the downside to the building, “The young couple get in and they can’t believe they have such an amazing gig in this fantastic place. There’s a price to pay for everything. It’s about power, it’s about greed, it’s about promise and temptation.”

For Jane, she is drawn to the building itself, which plays an enormous role in the story. Taylor explains, “The building is more of a character than maybe any of us. The building is going to teach Jane and the audience the nature of Gavin Doran’s relationship with the dark side, or the Devil or whatever his bargains are. I think the clues are in the building; the clues are in the architecture.”

“I wouldn’t want people to look at the pilot and assume that [Jane’s] the dumb blonde in the haunted house.” — Rachael Taylor

The building may be the basis for this mystery, but the Dorans are just as irresistible as Annabelle says, “They’re luring us in with seduction and being this charming couple, who wouldn’t want to follow them wherever they go.”

Terry O’Quinn describes Gavin as evil man, but hopes for more, “The first impression about this guy is that he is strictly horrible, totally merciless, soulless and vicious. I hope that somehow or another we can develop a few more aspects to the man that can complicate our feelings a little bit; it’s nice to have some questions.”

A mysterious building with evil lurking around each corner with Gavin as the overseer and Jane searching for the historical significance of the building, what could go wrong?

Watch the 666 Park Avenue premiere Sunday, September 30th at 10 pm ET. Then, stop back and share your favorite moment or the one that freaked you out the most.


Photo Credit: ABC

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