What’s new for Corey Reynolds?

What has Corey Reynolds been up to?

Since TNT’s The Closer ended last summer, Tony Award nominated actor Corey Reynolds has been pretty busy. So, what’s he up to now? Writer Jaylen Christie has the answer with this exclusive interview!


Hey, I hear ya. Now, unfortunately, FOX chose not to pick up Delirium, the pilot you just shot. Their loss. But, please, tell me about it.

Delirium was kind of crazy, man. I read a lot of pilots this year. [FOX] really made an effort to find something for me. Delirium is based on a young adult book series and is set in an alternate reality where love, and the emotions associated with being in love, are kind of banned. And everyone, when they turn 18, have to get this procedure to remove the delirium, the emotional aspect from your body. It kind of robs the population at large of creativity. They’re kind of almost organic robots. I played the leader of the resistance group that is trying to spread the delirium. It was a huge change from Gabriel.

Did you feel any connection between you and your character from Delirium?

Absolutely! I don’t think anyone plays a character that they don’t identify with in some way. There’s undoubtedly aspects of characters that you differ from. There were parts of me that was different from Gabriel, but a large part of that character as well was rooted in components of my personality. The interesting aspect to Gabriel was that he wasn’t written with a minority actor in mind. I was the only black actor to test for the show.

Now, that is interesting. Care to share the details, dude?

Well, I was sitting in a room with a bunch of handsome white guys with five o’ clock shadows. I just thought, “Oh, well. I know how this is going to go.” But it turned out to work in my favor. Quite frankly, there is a lack of really quality material for minority actors up here in Hollywood. To get to play a character that wasn’t a thug or a criminal, that was actually a noble, intelligent, articulate good guy was something that was really appealing to me.

Corey Reynolds and Kyra Sedgwick

That makes sense. Corey, you already know I write a column about minorities in Hollywood. Do you feel there is a lack of quality roles for African-Americans…well, not just African-Americans, but minorities in general? Or do you think they’ve come leaps and bounds?

On the flip side of that, you also have to give credence to the diversity that takes place on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and give credence to what’s happening to Kerry Washington on Scandal.

Well, if you’re being honest, you have to be honest on both sides of the argument. On one side, if you’re looking at the lack of material then I think there’s no question. If you simply look at the shows that are on television, and how many of them are outside of minority driven networks like BET or TV One, Telemundo or Univision, how many shows do you see where the lead is a minority? That’s not as common as I think it should be, and quite frankly, as it used to be which is an interesting dynamic change that has taken place. On the flip side of that, you also have to give credence to the diversity that takes place on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and give credence to what’s happening to Kerry Washington on Scandal. I feel like there is an effort…it’s progress, but it’s just moving slower than I think minority actors deserve.

Preach, Corey! So, word on the street is that you’re a daddy. Your baby was born a few weeks ago. How was that?

It was the most amazing experience of my life. You have this child that you’ve been connecting with for nine months in the womb, and talking to, and feeling him kick, and wondering what part of him is that, and then he comes out and he’s looking at you, and you’re looking at someone that’s a part of you. For me, that was an amazing thing. It’s hard to put into words. I feel that it’s a love you can’t really describe. You just have to experience it. My life has been dramatically changed for the better.

So, is it hard being an actor, a husband, and now a father?

Television is a pretty grueling schedule. The good thing about The Closer was because it was a cable show, we only did 15 episodes a season. So, I had six months on and six months off. It’s a challenge. You have to find the right partner. You have to find somebody that is secure in their place in your life, and understands that this is what you do and this is how you make your living and this is what completes you as a person. I have a partner like that.

How long have you and your wife been married, Corey?

We met in May of 2004, and got married in July of 2008.

Oh, 2008…that was a fun year for me, man. I graduated from college the following year.

Oh, sheesh! You’re a young buck. That’s great, Jaylen. And you’ve got this thing going — great initiative!

Wow, Corey Reynolds just congratulated me. Ah, I shall remember this moment forever.

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  1. Great job as always, Jay. I know that Corey was one of your favorite actors on The Closer and I am glad you had the opportunity to interview him. As Corey said, great initiative! Keep up the wonderful job you are doing for CliqueClack!!!!

  2. Jay, I enjoyed reading your interview with Corey Reynolds. You are well on your way to becoming one of the best journalist in the business.

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