A tribute to Arrow’s mega-hot men


How hot is the male cast of ‘Arrow’? Mega-hot? Super-hot? Uber-hot? Let’s just say they’re hot. Here are the reasons why.


Am I the only one who literally drooled during this week’s Arrow episode, “Legacies?” Between Diggle’s kickass arms and Oliver’s kickass abs, all I can say is Yum. It would be wrong if I didn’t take a minute to pay tribute to Arrow’s uber-hot men and the uber-hot actors who play them.

Stephen Amell/Oliver Queen

Stephen Amell plays the re-booted personality of Green Arrow to intense perfection. Physically, the boy has it going on! A DIAMOND could cut itself on his abs. Chuck Norris’, Ryan Reynolds’ and Ryan Gosling’s abs all collectively look at Stephen Amell’s abs and say “DAY-UMN! What are you twerking with?!”

A DIAMOND could cut itself on Stephen Amell’s abs.

However, Amell’s Oliver Queen is a little TOO intense. I find it hard to believe anyone buys his carefree Bruce Wayne-esque playboy personality. He is the MOST scarily intense party-goer I’ve ever seen. Although I loved Oliver’s rock-hard granite stare and his rock-hard abs, I especially loved the soft, old school Green Arrow exhibited this week who feels and cares for the little guy.

Either way, soft personality or hard abs, Oliver Queen and Stephen Amell are mega- hot.

David Ramsey/Diggle

I’m glad they promoted Diggle from Oliver’s bodyguard to Oliver’s partner sooner rather than later. I loved the old school Green Arrow and Green Lantern team comic team-ups. Green Arrow always needed Green Lantern’s moral contrast which Diggle perfectly provides. Let’s be honest, Oliver isn’t the trained soldier he claims. Diggle willingly enlisted for his country and underwent a lifetime of adult training, while Oliver was forced into it.

Oliver needs a hot Jiminy Crickett.

Oliver needs a hot Jiminy Crickett like Diggle to help him re-discover his moral center. Arrow easily kills his enemies’ lower-class henchmen, while allowing most of the upper-class men to survive (albeit in jail). He needs someone to remind him to stop focusing on his city’s top percent. Come on, the henchmen probably took those jobs to support THEIR families. The Oliver Queen who I read as a kid was more of a local, grassroots-oriented street fighter. Diggle steers him back to that post-1960s incarnation.

It doesn’t hurt that Diggle and Oliver together are as hot as … well, David Ramsey and Stephen Amell.

Paul Blackthorne /Detective Lance

I have loved Paul’s curmudgeonly American detective character since The Dresden Files. And, I loved him as the questionable husband in Lipstick Jungle. It’s all too appropriate that he voiced Metallo in the Justice League cartoon.

I love him as Laurel’s anguished, die-hard, angsty, justice-oriented, Arrow-obsessed father.

He is a Brit whose American accent I can actually stand. I love him as Laurel’s anguished, die-hard, angsty, justice-oriented, Arrow-obsessed father. He plays every single, tiny emotion to its fullest from his pure hatred for Oliver to his pure love for Laurel. And, THEN on top of that, we have his justice-seeking ire directed against the week’s baddie AND Arrow.

Colin Salmon/Walter Steele

Colin Salmon is that British actor you see almost everywhere, but you can’t remember where you saw him. Was it Merlin? Dr. Who? Prime Suspect? Party Animals? Law & Order: UK? MI-5The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency? In one word, yes.

Having two hot British actors? Hot!

Having Paul Blackthorne on Arrow’s staff is already a panty-creamer for me, but having two hot British actors?! Can we just have them speak to each other in their native accents for one full hour? Can we make them shirtless, as well?

Byron Mann/Yaoi Fei

Who doesn’t want to be stranded on a desert island with Byron Mann?

Byron Mann is already every girl’s fantasy. He’s hot, a member of the California Bar, has a Juris Doctor degree from USC Law, was the #2 ranked 16-and-under tennis player in Hong Kong, AND speaks four languages. Forget about his Arrow character, I already want to marry him.

But, when you add in his hot Yaoi Fei character with guy-liner, who doesn’t want to be stranded on a desert island with Byron Mann OR Yaoi Fei?

I didn’t include the Tommy character, because he looks like a smarmy banker. And, no, that doesn’t do it for me. And, the implied Tommy-Thea match-up this week equally creeped me out. Why couldn’t Tommy just tell Thea he wasn’t interested because she was SIXTEEN! And, dating her would have him arrested for pedophilia … not just because he saw her as his little sister. However, whenever he shows his softer side to Laurel, I feel a bit melty around Tommy.

With all of the hotness surrounding Arrow’s male cast, I’m seriously waiting for an episode where they’re all stuck in a sauna and are forced to work out shirtless. Sound off in the comments, how hot are Arrow’s men?

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  1. Sometimes I’m glad CW lives up to their pretty people standards!

    • Ohmogish, you’re right, Robert! I don’t know how I could’ve forgotten about Captain Jack’s Hotness!

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