Diggle hits the bullseye on Arrow


The CW’s ‘Arrow’ is their highest rated show this season, and one of its characters is really becoming a fan favorite! In this week’s Clacking in Color, the super column celebrating ethnic diversity in Hollywood, writer Jaylen Christie reveals why he appreciates Arrow’s right hand man — John Diggle!


So, I think it is common knowledge that I’m a nerd. In fact, I think I mention it at least once in every other Clacking in Color post. With that being said, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m head over Timberland boots for Arrow on The CW. It’s such a great superhero show, a true valentine for comic book lovers. However, it isn’t the program’s title character that I’m intrigued by. No, on the contrary, I’m a little more captivated by his sidekick — the elusive John Diggle.

I’m a little more captivated by his sidekick — the elusive John Diggle.
Wait … wait a second. Let’s pause. Diggle’s not really a sidekick. He’s more like a mentor/confidante/assistant. That’s the trifecta right there, isn’t it? I can dig that. You know, I think this week’s column is for all of the nerds out there. This one is for the folks that watch this show religiously. Attention all Arrow watchers! Let’s chat. I think we can agree that the show boasts some pretty good writing, and the twists and turns are always nice. However, Diggle helps to keep things fresh. It’s funny because I didn’t really know what to make of the character at first. After watching the pilot, I thought he’d be nothing more than the show’s token African-American character. I didn’t think he’d have any longevity. It’s awesome to know that I was wrong on both counts.

As Diggle, actor David Ramsey (known to some for his role in season three of Dexter) is given a part that can be both funny and serious. He gets some of the best one liners and he also receives a chance to show off his fighting moves. There was a recent episode of Arrow that had Diggle doubling as the hero in order to throw the cops off his trail. My buddy and I both agree that Diggle looked pretty bad-ass in the Green Arrow costume. In fact, he looked more convincing than the show’s lead. Hmph. It looks like actor Stephen Amell better watch his back. He may have a real contender on his hands.

It looks like actor Stephen Amell better watch his back. He may have a real contender on his hands.

And for that matter, so do we. I can’t tell you how cool it is to have a character of a darker complexion that is fully utilized and developed. It’s refreshing to know that he isn’t a tired stereotype. Diggle is important and he happens to be Black. In fact, as someone who writes about diversity on the regular, I couldn’t help but notice that in addition to Arrow being action packed and well choreographed, it’s also a bit colorful. Let’s see, we have Ramsey and then we also have Colin Salmon as the wealthy husband of Moira Queen, and Annie Illonzeh as Laurel’s best friend Joanna — not to mention the brother playing Detective Lance’s partner. It seems Arrow is down for the brown.

Yet, I digress. This column is about Diggle and the awesome job that Ramsey is doing. I’m not a fan of Amell’s Green Arrow. He’s boring and a bit bland. Dinah Laurel Lance is cool, but her personality changes in every episode. Tommy’s pretty awesome. I’m glad he learned how to man up in the last episode. Diggle’s been pretty consistent. What you see is what you get, and more and more is being revealed in each and every episode. Diggle’s the man.

And for that fact alone, Arrows aim is all the more true.

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7 Comments on “Diggle hits the bullseye on Arrow

  1. always writing great articles buddy, but I saw no mention of Thea!

    • Thanks, man! Thea’s pretty…but she’s also incredibly ANNOYING! That reason alone means that she does not get mentioned. :-)

  2. I’m liking Arrow so far, though it has its issues. I think that Amell has gotten better in the short amount of time the show’s been on, you have to remember he has to play multiple characters within one character (billionaire playboy facade, vigilante on a mission, and Ollie from 5 years ago).

    Diggle has been one of my favorites so far, but I hope he gets to do more than just be a sounding board/conscience for Ollie and feeding him info. I’m hoping that at some point, maybe not until next season, Diggle will suit up. Since he’s not a DC character, I’m not sure if they’ll do that, but it’d be awesome if he pulled a Harley Quinn and works his way into the DC universe. With the New 52, there might be a chance for him to find his way in there.

    • I see your point. Stephen does have a bit of a challenge playing three different characters. I’ll give him that. Still, he’s a little rusty. I’m just sayin’. Also, I hope they find a way to keep Laurel and Tommy busy. The writers seem to be struggling with those characters. Diggle’s doing fine…but I had a thought. What if “Diggle” isn’t really John Diggle’s last name. What if it’s Stewart. Wouldn’t it be cool if he was John Stewart of Green Lantern fame? Just my two cents!

  3. David Ramsey is an actor who proves time and again that he can do amazing things with so very little to work with. John Diggle, as Ollie’s confidante could have been a boring one note character but Ramsey has given him life and made us interested in the budding relationship.
    As for Stephen Amell as Arrow, Stan makes the point that he’s gotten better. I agree and find the flashback moments to the Island the best part of series. The fact that their brief but still service the plot makes for a nice interlude and informs the viewer as to what it took to create the Arrow of today.

  4. Instead of saying “Arrowwatchers,” you should have said Arrowheads! Get it?! lol. Anyway, I never watched Arrow except for a few scenes forced upon me by a particular person…but from what I have seen and from reading your articles, it may be something I could get into…when it comes out on Netflix. Nice article, bro. You love yourself some Arrow.

    • I do love me some Arrow. That’s pretty true. lol Maybe I’ll use the term “Arrowheads” in the next post about Arrow…because you know I’ll write another one. lol And you don’t know what you’re missing! You better start watching the damn show! :-)

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