A note about free movie screenings

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Happy New Year!

We hope you had a nice holiday. We’re ready to dive into the new year with more free movie screenings, but we want to make you aware of some changes to how we’re going to do things this year. In order to keep the main website focused on reviews and opinion pieces from our writers, almost all of our movie screening offers will be handled through our social media sites. If you’re not one of our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr yet, now is the time to join us.

We have some exciting new movies to offer in various cities across the country, including American Sniper, Blackhat, The Boy Next Door and many more. So be sure to “Like” or “Follow” CliqueClack on social media today!

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8 Comments on “A note about free movie screenings

  1. I entered the Boston contest fo “Blackhat” for January 13th.
    Hope I win!
    John Wong

    • Then please READ the post and visit one of our social media sites. All links are in the post above.

    • Then be sure to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook so you’ll be the first to know about our contests!

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