Okay, so maybe Michael Strahan isn’t so bad

Michael Strahan adds humor to Live

It seems America really likes the addition of NFL superstar Michael Strahan to Live! In this week’s Clacking in Color, the sensational column about minorities in Hollywood, writer Jaylen Christie realizes that maybe he misjudged Strahan.


A very good friend of mine recently made an observation about me. Apparently I don’t do well with idle time. It’s true. This is why I’m always reading, writing, snorkeling with the fishes or watching quality television programs. One of those shows is Live! with Kelly & Michael … which is pretty darn interesting considering that several weeks ago I wrote a column about Michael Strahan not being a worthy substitute for the incredible Regis Philbin. In fact, in regards to Strahan being announced as a replacement, I believe I used the phrase, ‘What the hell?’ Yup. Those were my words exactly.

In any case, my dad always taught me that a real man is able to admit his mistakes. To that end, it’s high time that I admit mine — I was wrong about Michael Strahan. I think he’s awesome! Before we get into just how wrong I was about him, let’s go back in time — only two weeks ago. I began my October with a week off from work. Bored out of my mind, I was able to check out Strahan in the mornings … and I must admit that I liked what I saw. He’s actually pretty funny. The man really does have chemistry with Kelly Ripa in a way in which Philbin didn’t. I’m thinking it may be because Strahan is younger and a bit more outrageous. I don’t know. I don’t get paid to analyze these things. I just get paid (occasionally) to write.

My fear was that Strahan would be a bore and even worse — just plain dumb. Now, I know that sounds bad, but, well, based upon what I’ve seen of him in the past — such as his failed FOX sitcom that shall remain nameless — I just thought he was a clueless jock. Oh, boy. I know that sounds terrible, but I’m just keeping it real. One of my favorite things to do is prove people wrong and I’m pleased to say that Strahan did that with me. Not only is the man smart, but he’s capable … and he dresses as good as I do … if, you know, I had his budget.

I think that some people are just born with talent. I feel that Strahan is one of these individuals. Don’t get it twisted now — I still prefer Philbin, but it’s been nice seeing Strahan find his own groove by using his own natural talents. I was wrong in thinking that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Ripa. On the contrary, I don’t think she can keep up with him especially when it comes to pleasing the audience with karaoke and what not. Sitting home with a cup of coffee and crust in my eyes after waking up, I couldn’t help but chuckle and cheer Strahan on when he battled Ripa and Chase Crawford in a karaoke competition, and I loved the fact that the producers paired him up with Stanley Tucci to help cook Italian cuisine on an episode that aired earlier this month.

But you know what I really love? You know what really makes me happy?

I like the fact that ABC hired a smart and proficient person of color to be Ripa’s co-anchor. I just think that’s awesome. Heck, I wouldn’t have cared if he were Mexican, Asian or Vietnamese. It’s just good to see a bit more diversity on the air during the morning. It makes me smile. Seriously. I’m happy to see that the brother is employed.

And for that matter, so is America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Live! with Kelly and Michael finished its first week as the number one syndicated talk show in total households. I guess you have to give credit where credit is due, and for that matter, I must once again admit that I was wrong. I stand to be corrected. Strahan isn’t a bad replacement. He is the replacement, and that certainly counts for something. While I’ll always remember Philbin, I’m content with the new guy. Strahan is hip and that what’s needed. Philbin was the old quintessential.

Strahan is the new black.

Photo Credit: ABC

5 Comments on “Okay, so maybe Michael Strahan isn’t so bad

  1. Certainly the best of the potential co-hosts they tried out on the air, doubly so because his casting saved us from being subjected to Seth Meyers’s mugging on a daily basis.

  2. Admittedly, hiring Strahan was a gamble. But the folks that run Live! and Kelly Ripa took that gamble and it paid off nicely. Hope Kelly and Michael stay partners for many years to come.
    And look at you, dear writer. Admitting your mistake. Please know that humble is a key ingredient of a well rounded person.
    Oh, and, somewhere on the internet there is video of the Ohio State Marching Band forming a DeLorean while playing music from “Back to the Future”.

  3. Great article for this week, Jay. I like how sincere you are when it comes to praising diversity.

  4. Great article Jay, Michael is doing very well in his new role.

  5. I think there is good chemistry between Michael and Kelly. Michael is doing a very good job on the show and is a welcomed addition. I am sure that Kelly is glad to have him seating next to her every morning!! Great article, Jay. Keep up the good work and keep on clacking!!!!

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