There’s more to Legendary’s new Godzilla trailer than meets the eye

Legendary Pictures has ramped up the excitement of May’s pending ‘Godzilla’ with a brand new promo. Plus … there’s at least one nice Easter egg tucked into it.


When I was a kid, Saturday nights were about the horror movies, the monster movies.

Big tub o’ popcorn, chocolate milk, pound of Jujubes or your candy of choice and look out — it was CreepFest time.

All through the week, we’d wonder what was in store for the following Saturday. You see … in the dinosaur era of television (again, in my youth) you went grocery shopping with your mom. It wasn’t a chore to do so, either. Why? Because you got the opportunity to snag the latest issue of TV Guide and see what monster flick was expected on the boob tube. Any subversive movie would do, but Godzilla flicks were the preferred. Not that we had a choice, you understand. (Note: Little freaks and weirdos that we were, we used to collect magazines, comics, etc. that came out and we’d clip all monster images we spied. We’d share them amongst each other with the best, most unique or different photos garnering bragging rights for the month.)

My friends and I knew all the names of the kaiju in Godzilla’s crew: King Ghidorah, Minilla (not “Baby Godzilla” … Minilla … !!!), Mothra, Baragon, Hedorah (The Smog Monster), Anguirus, Rodan, Manda, Kumonga and the rest. We were giant monster crazy … something that still persists today. (Yeah … I dog-dug Pacific Rim that came out last summer.)

So imagine my delight when I heard the resurrection of Godzilla once again … but this time with a proper Godzilla, not the travesty that was the Ferris Bueller version (starring Matthew Broderick) from the late 90s. *ugh*

With the Comic-Con preview last year and the trailers released, Legendary Pictures did nothing but whet my appetite. But, my, those juices got jacked up when I got the opportunity to cruise through “The Godzilla Experience” at The Con. (It was a walk-through, interactive exhibition which became “terrifying” while you were in a high-rise in some downtown locale. Shuttled through offices with lots of Godzilla memorabilia, suddenly alarms klaxoned and you were immediately rushed by “security” to a supposedly secure area. But not so secure when The King Of The Monsters tromped past a window right in front of you … then turned tail and looked right in, ready to wreak havoc! I’ve provided a few photos below.)

Geiger CounterThe Godzilla Experience was filled with props throughout the adventure like this one …

America Under AttackMonitors were everywhere showing “America under attack” from … something …

Danger ZoneWe were continually in the path of danger once the alarms sounded …

Then this week (Tuesday to be exact), a surprise from Legendary: The new Godzilla trailer had arrived … !!! I was like a kid in a candy store all over again! I was ecstatic! I immediately watched it a dozen times.

So imagine my surprise when I caught more than a few surprises in the promo, a pretty damned spiffy one noted in the image below:

Kaiju or what

What is that circled in red the soldiers are shooting at?!? It’s definitely not a plane. Some sort of flying kaiju. Rodan? Mothra? Ghirodrah? Something else entirely?

Weigh in, people. Who is it? What is it? Are you in as anticipatory a state about this film as I am? Because I’m ready to jump out of my skin about this thing.

Come on, May 16th … !!!

Photo Credit: Legendary Pictures

6 Comments on “There’s more to Legendary’s new Godzilla trailer than meets the eye

    • at time 0:34 in the video the two fairies that accompany with Mothra are standing in the building on the left part of the video. This means either Mothra is in it or has something to do with this movie or a squeal.

  1. Certainly looks like it could be them – on the edge of the building.

  2. Kooper, Alex: Could be. But that (Those? They?) could be anything

    Additionally, there are what appear to be “wings” in the water immediately following the circled image above.

    And let’s not forget the appendage at the 2:07 mark of the trailer. Yet another kaiju, no doubt …

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