Talking about How Sweet It Is

So, I’ve been with CliqueClack since the very beginning of the site. I love it and, at least three times a day, I have a thought that I think would make a wonderful post for it. But despite all this, I haven’t written for CliqueClack like I’ve wanted to. There are a few reasons this.


1. I’m doing the CliqueClack podcast, which is like “voice-writing” (which is what I’m sure it would have been called if Isaac Asimov had predicted podcasting in the 1950s).

2. I have a wife and kids who, despite my many protestations that I will most likely be like Judd Nelson’s dad from The Breakfast Club, still want me to “do stuff with them.”

3. I am lazy on a scale that can’t be fully comprehended via the written word (try listening to my voice-writing in the above link!).

4. I’ve been writing movies.

Now, it’s to that last point that I’m writing this little post. I won’t go into the whole history of the thing as that would take this thing into “full-fledged public masturbation” mode, but here’s the highlight: there will be a movie released next year that I wrote with Brian Herzlinger and that he directed.  It stars Paul Sorvino, Joe Piscopo, Eddie Griffin, Erika Christensen, Michael Pare, Louis Lombardi, Steven W. Bailey, and Erich Bergen. You can check out the trailer above.

Hopefully you’ll like it.  If you do, please post many comments to that effect (under several aliases!). If you don’t like it, please disconnect your keyboard until the urge to destroy my soul goes away. (Ah, you know what, now that I think about it, go ahead and post.  My soul is already pretty destroyed from years of stand-up comedy.  I don’t even know what my own laugh sounds like any more.)

Thanks for your time and hopefully I’ll be able to do my writing for CliqueClack soon!

Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment Group

2 Comments on “Talking about How Sweet It Is

  1. This actually looks like a funny movie. I don’t say that with _surprise_, but with relief, and now anticipation. Good on you, Jay!

    And when did Joe Piscopo turn into George Segal?

    • I agree — that trailer is really appealing — well done, Jay!

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