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NYCC came. NYCC saw. NYCC conquered me. After a harrowing weekend covering ‘The Following’, ‘Haven,’ ‘Person of Interest,’ ‘Robot Chicken,’ ‘Venture Brothers’ and ‘Voltron Force,’ I’m glad I’m home. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give an NYCC overview and cosplay photos.

I passed the redoubtable Carrie Fisher smoking a blue cigarette while walking a tiny black dog. So, basically, good times.

I had an absolutely great time covering New York Comic Con this weekend, although my fellow Clacker Jeremy couldn’t make it, I’m hoping other Clackers can attend next year. I had an awesome time covering the press rooms. I am officially in love with Kevin Bacon of Kevin Williamson’s new FOX show The Folllowing, coming out in January. And James Purefoy, who plays the villain, scares the hell out of me (in the show and reality). Both Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick kicked my ass for talking about Venture Brothers in the past tense (it returns in October). Voltron Force writer/producer Jeremy Corray is a charmer. I went in hating the show and left a total fan. I had a surprisingly small and cozy geekcenteric roundtable with Robot Chicken’s Seth Green. I wound up 5 minutes late to my Haven press room because my Person of Interest table ran over talking to Amy Acker. Even cooler, I passed the redoubtable Carrie Fisher smoking a blue cigarette while walking a tiny black dog. So, basically, good times.

This year’s New York Comic Con was EVEN larger than last year. I literally avoided using the restroom (or drinking) all day Saturday because I COULDN’T find a restroom without twenty people in line before me. Don’t worry, I paid for it later. The Manga/Anime software people at Micro Smith kept pushing water bottles on me, so, clearly, I looked tore up from the floor up. NYCC this year felt disorganized in places compared to last year and could’ve used more volunteers for the larger panels. But, I still went away with a warm fuzzy feeling despite the daily commute. I know I am slow when it comes to transcribing interviews (Shut up, Michael); however, I hope to post my interviews once a day (or every other day). So keep checking here or the main site for the ensuing weeks. But, for cosplay pictures (which I know you want), keep reading!

The Costumes
You can always tell what’s hot in pop culture based on the costumes each year. This year, there were a ton of Banes, a ton of invisible men, the usual anime girls/Neko cat boys, a ton of Dr. Whos, and the usual Deadpool families. However, I noticed more Teen Titan Raven costumes this year and even more kid costumes. I passed an adorable little girl who looked like Scooby Doo’s Velma dressed like Supergirl and another woman who dressed like nerdy Velma meets va-va-voom Daphne. This year, I cared less about the awesome costumes and more about the creativity. I loved the steam punk female Robin and the Captain America prom Queen. Kudos to the man dressed as the Fourth Doctor, who offered me a Jelly Baby, and anyone dressed as X. Of course, I couldn’t stop smiling at the men and women limping around at 5:00pm after an entire day wearing heels or too tight boots.


I couldn’t stop smiling at the men and women limping around at 5:00pm after an entire day wearing heels or too tight boots.

For the people whose photos I clicked, my gallery includes a Batman (and his reluctant niece), who felt cheated out of SDCC photos; a gamer incredibly proud of his mohawk; a Spiderman by the way of Brooklyn; a Red Robin (with naked children); and the Justice League’s Samurai. I thought I’d see more Green Arrows, but whenever I caught any archers, I snapped their photos. Other photo subjects included a Michelle Pfeiffer catwoman; the Dr. Who Angel from “Blink;” two adorable Where’s Waldos; an Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter; two of my favorite Dr. Whos – Four and Ten; the X-Ladies; Princess Tiana; A Wonder Woman mother to a tiny ninja (but all mothers are Wonder Women); Starburns; a little kid all too anxious to show of his Iron Man and more!

Go to page two if you’re interested!

The People
Grizz of 30 Rock (check out my interview!) stated that he loved New York Comic Con’s openness which I experienced whenever I sat down. I met a Danish woman who LOVED Terry Pratchett and detailed her love for 15 minutes. Another man walked to my Food Court table, put a comic down, and then walked away. I noticed more families this year where the elderly, normally dressed parents cared more about events than their kids. Everything’s bigger in New York Comic Con. I didn’t think Bruce Campbell could be any more egregious or deliberately obnoxious (which I say lovingly); but, I caught a bit of his NYCC panel which changed my mind entirely. And, yes, everyone treated the NYCC hallways like their homes. I caught two babies tossing their complicated costumes off in a hallway while a woman tossed her shirt in another.

Everything’s bigger in New York Comic Con.

I noticed most of the women thanked me when I asked if I could post their photos while most of the guys said “of course! That’s why I come!” So, guys, don’t just shoot and run the lady cosplayers. Ask their permission first (and apply that to life, as well)!

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Photo Credit: An Nicholson

5 Comments on “New York Comic Con expands

  1. Don’t feel too bad about the Venture Bros. flub – their season 4 finale was way back in November of 2010 and they’ve always had a good year, year and a half in between seasons so it’s easy to get confused about the show’s condition. And actually, they’re only doing a Halloween episode this month with new regular episodes coming at question mark.

    • Don’t worry, Katie, it wasn’t actually a flub. And, it was more a good natured ribbing. As I described how much I “loved” the show, they both noted I used the past tense and wondered why. ;) I know about the October return (as listed above), but I’ll talk more about that when I post it! ;)

  2. James Purefoy, scary? Ah, you mean scarily handsome and charismatic. :-)

    • Just wait until you see The Following … very scary.

      But yeah, nice guy. Track down the video our SDCC coverage; he handled a crazy lady interviewer quite well, IMHO.

    • While I hate to agree with Ivey, he’s correct. James is 198.99999999% terrifying in The Following. And, he basically channeled that in the interview through his uber-charm and fantastic looks ;)But, now I have to check out that SDCC post ;)

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