Royal Pains stays fresh after four years on the USA Network

Royal Pains stays fresh after four years

USA Network’s ‘Royal Pains’ recently wrapped up a successful fourth season. However, it seems that opinions were mixed regarding its quality. CliqueClack writer Jaylen Christie can’t imagine why. After all, he loved it! Here are a few reasons why …


Being something of a television junkie, I like to keep up with what’s going on in the entertainment industry. However, what’s surprising is that I don’t follow a lot of TV shows. I only keep up with a select few. Fortunately for me, one of those programs is the always entertaining Royal Pains on the USA Network. Since January, I’ve served as CliqueClack’s resident Royal Pains reviewer and it’s been a real pleasure.

However, I’ve seen a shift in opinions regarding the quality of the fourth season that recently ended. Generally, the individuals that read my reviews usually see eye to eye with me. Lately, however, we’ve had different opinions. That’s fine. After all, variety is the spice of life. Nevertheless, I feel as though some fans of Royal Pains may have been a little hard on the recently passed fourth season. In fact, I think it’s probably one of the best ones of the series so far. Now, I know I’m going to get some flak for that and that’s cool, but just go with me on this, okay?

[Jill’s departure] gave the writers a chance to really come up with some new fun stuff.

The fourth season of Royal Pains faced a few obstacles — namely how do they move forward without actress Jill Flint? Her character being written off the show seemed to ignite something within hardcore Royal Pains enthusiasts. Either they were stunned by the fact that one of the show’s original longtime leads was being dismissed or they were amazed by the fact that Hank would definitely be getting a new love interest. Quite frankly, I couldn’t have cared less. In my reviews, I often said that I thought Jill was wallpaper. Last season, she contributed absolutely nothing to the show. To be honest, her absence hasn’t really been an obstacle for the show moving forward. On the contrary, I think it gave the writers a chance to really come up with some new fun stuff.

Let’s take the character of Dr. Jeremiah Sacani for example. Anyone who has been keeping up with my reviews knows that I’m a big fan of the character. I think Ben Shenkman does a fantastic job playing him. Word on the street is that Shenkman was only supposed to stick around for four episodes. It’s a testament to his likeability that he’s still employed. Jeremiah has breathed a breath of fresh air into the series and having him around only enhances the show. He brings a different kind of vibe, and this is what a show needs when it’s going into its fifth year. However, it’s not just the character that intrigues me, it’s his relationship with Divya.

Some fans have complained that Divya’s storylines tend to always revolve around her issues with her parents. Well, quit your complaining! Reshma Shetty is awesome! In the fourth season, Divya finally received a love interest. Granted, he may have two-timed her, but it really was a new plot for her. However, what keeps things interesting — especially for next season — is the fact that Jeremiah has secretly been harboring a crush on her. I don’t know about you but I’m rather excited to see where this goes especially since Jeremiah lacks fundamental social skills.

Another new development has been the evolution of Paige. With Jill gone, Paige has essentially become the show’s second female lead, and it’s has been a rather seamless transition. The plot surrounding her adoption infused the show with more intrigue. The same can be said about Campbell Scott being bumped up to a starring role. As the elusive Boris, Scott managed to stay compelling. He also added some much-needed drama and mystery to a show that may have been getting stale. It’s obvious that the supporting players have done their part to keep things fresh, but how about the show’s lead? What about Hank Lawson?

Well …

The writers did give [Hank] two new love interests this season but they fizzled like a can of Sprite.

No offense to Hank fans, but … Hank is boring. I love Hank as a doctor, but I find him bland at best. The writers did give him two new love interests this season but they fizzled like a can of Sprite. Fellow CliqueClack writer An Nicholson pointed out that Hank doesn’t really have any chemistry with these women. Quite frankly, I feel Hank didn’t have chemistry with Jill … which is probably another reason I don’t care that she’s gone. On the bright side, for those that do believe that Jill was the one for him, word on the street is that she’s coming back in the winter two-hour special. There’s hope!

And speaking of eternal optimism, I’m hopeful that season five will be even better than season four. Let’s face facts, people — things were getting kind of stale. You have to admit that season four did introduce some cool plot elements, and as much as some fans may have hated the Lawson brother feud that started it off, it was indeed innovative. I say we stop complaining and enjoy the show for what it is — damn good fun. Then again, television is open to interpretation.

Anything less would be a real (royal) pain.

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5 Comments on “Royal Pains stays fresh after four years on the USA Network

  1. I think you are right. I agree with you i did like jill and i thought her & hank were good together. but i do love what the writers had done in season 4. can not wait for the wedding. i love this show so much. I love all the actors they are all so great together. so keep up the good work Royal Pains. I have all the three seasons of dvds can not wait for season 4 dvd to come out. but i have to say my favorite actor on the show is Mark Feuerstein i have been a fan of his for a long time.Thanks Jaylen. PS. try to get an interview with mark.

    • You’re very welcome, Pauline. Thanks for reading! I’ll talk to my boss and see if I can land an interview with Mark Feuerstein. Stay tuned! :-)

  2. Honestly, was never a fan of this show until I started to read your posts. Since then, I’ve posted about my likes and dislikes (luv Divya and Boris, Evan and Jeremiah not so much) and have started to pay attention to this show. Suits, Psych and Necessary Roughness are still my favorite shows on USA, but Royal Pains is always worth a look.

  3. Stays fresh? Are you kidding? This show has tanked since letting Jill go. I don’t give damn about Boris anymore. They are never going to tell us anything about him and I am getting sick of the attempted murder plots.This is not Burn Notice for god sakes. And the McGuyver medicine is beyond ridiculous. I mean really? Christmas tree lights and a candy cane for a pacemaker? is that a joke?! I am not sure that is even legal.

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