Storage Wars – Do you care if it’s faked?

Storage Wars S 2

David Hester is suing A&E Networks for allegedly planting items in storage lockers up for auction on ‘Storage Wars.’ If true, do you care? Or, would you rather have intriguing units even if faked?


When you are watching a reality show, do you believe that it’s entirely unscripted? Or, do you expect at least portions of the show are pre-planned or even scripted? David Hester is suing A&E Networks for wrongful termination from his job on Storage Wars. He’s claiming he was fired after complaints that the network was planting items in storage units. Whether it’s true or false, do you care if antiques or other interesting items are added to the units?

I started watching Storage Wars after my aunt and uncle raved about it at a family gathering. Within a week, I was caught up on all the episodes to date; I was hooked. With all the scripted television I watch for my job, I rarely have time to watch any reality shows. Though, it probably has more to do with my general dislike of reality and contest programming. That left me quite surprised by just how much I enjoyed Storage Wars, even when the bidders were annoying.

While watching, I never considered that the units were faked. It’s clear that some of the antics and interviews are scripted, but it never crossed my mind that the network could be hiding items in the units. They are locked, right? When this lawsuit was filed, I realized I don’t really care if they are adding items.

Why? The enjoyment of the show comes from the bidding and then the reveal of what they find. If they never found anything interesting whether valuable or not, would I even want to watch? I’d rather have the producers sneak in a car, a valuable painting, or an odd collectible, than see 30 minutes of old clothes, toys, and kitchen stuff.

I was glad to hear that Hester wouldn’t be returning to the show. The few episodes this year that he wasn’t in were much more pleasant to watch. All the bidders are annoying in their own way, but over the seasons Hester has become unbearable. His bidding and antics became about “beating” or manipulating his opponents’ bids, rather than being about finding good units for a business purpose. That ruined the experience.

I’m not a legal expert, so I have no idea what will happen with his lawsuit, but we should at least find out the truth about the units. That is unless the two sides settle out of court. I’m just glad to know that Hester won’t be on the next season. His absence should make for a more enjoyable season.

Do you care if producer’s added items to the units? Or, if true, are you disappointed? Will you continue to watch Storage Wars?


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6 Comments on “Storage Wars – Do you care if it’s faked?

  1. I do care to some degree about if its scripted, Although it does defeat the purpose of the show, BUt is a fun show, I wouldnt want to see them open a locker full of gold every time, Hopefully these shows generate more interest in collecting and bargin hunting.

  2. well a friend of mine found out that they are left hints on which lockers to buy and came to see they were prestuffed with goodies and if u try to bid they will outbid u no matter wat when he saw a taping of it in person. also u can see on some scenes there black tape covering the names on the boxes. its like pawn stars fake. but since sw guys said it was all real and true i do care they prestuff lockers and kinda screw ppl out of a chance to buy them. but when u look up dave he jus has a celeb email no shops wat so ever hes drivin around to find all his old shops and nuttin. seem only the now and then is a real shop or was real last yr when he was in town

  3. All the realty shows are scripted and fake. There is no reality in reality TV.

  4. Semi-Scripted is OK, since I understand that multiple cameras are being used and then editing is done to present a “story” about the characters… adding items to lockers, either before they are locked or after the purchase during a non-camera break, is NOT good… after reading an article (don’t have a link) with a production staff member who said that items were moved from one locker to another for “dramatic effect” during an after purchase, non-camera break (lockers were purchased by the same bidder) I have removed SW from my DVR and will not watch again

  5. I don’t know how anyone could believe this show is like the real world of buying storage units. People are so gullible today it’s scary. I watched the show and enjoyed the humor and silly (obviously fake) dialog. Sometimes I laughed harder than I have in years over anything. In the final analysis, A&E will be forced to admit they doctored (salted) the units and the whole thing was scripted for viewing interest. This revelation won’t ruffle the feathers of persons such as myself who said from the beginning it was not real. I watch it because it’s entertaining, not because it’s factual. The people who will jump ship will be the simple types who really believed in it. Probably A&E will eventually leave the “reality show” productions behind. The end of this show (and all the others of this type) will take some time because these are giant money makers for them. I feel badly about that and will miss these types of pretend productions. People have to learn that one can’t 100% believe anything seen on TV (duh!).

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