Vampire Diaries – Where do we go from here?

Pictures of You

I think I was as disappointed by “Pictures of You” as Caroline was with the Prom, except no one came to make it better in the end. Not even seeing the boys dressed up was any consolation.


Like Debbie, I’m another big fan of The Vampire Diaries who’s disappointed by the direction the series has taken since Elena has turned off her humanity.

The whole episode, “Pictures of You” seemed forced.  Why does Elena need to torment her friends?  We get she shut off her emotions but why does that turn her into a harassing bitch? A sort of strange and kind of random prom, how many dances does this school have per year? Caroline going to Klaus for a dress, the boys trying to make Elena have memories that bring her out of her trance, a very quick cameo by Tyler – he came back for 10 minutes?  All sort of disjointed and poorly written.

This felt like a filler episode, and I could think of better filler than this. And, I am a little afraid for next week. Seeing the real face of Silas … is this a jumping the shark moment?  Is the make-up going to be awful and just make this take a turn into hokey land?  I would have been happy to NEVER see his face.  Did we learn nothing from Alfred Hitchcock?

At this point I kind of hope Elena dies or is tortured.

Where do we go from here? I couldn’t care less about Rebekah and her teenage turmoil. At this point I kind of hope Elena dies or is tortured. Put us all out of our misery. It is sad when the character I liked most in the episode is Bonnie. Enough already. Let’s speed this up and get back to a story line that is actually fun to watch.

Julie Plec — where have you gone? Did you use up all your creative juices on the Jeremy death episode (which was AWESOME)? Please come back and bring me back the show I used to love. The Vampire Diaries needs to figure out what it wants to be and get there — fast. Is it going to be the well-written show full of characters we love coming to terms with the supernatural pieces of their human lives, or the sensationalist, teen bullying show that it’s turning into?

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2 Comments on “Vampire Diaries – Where do we go from here?

  1. Christine – I was about to write this very same post, thank you for beating me to it :)

  2. Agreed. Just about every part of this episode was a fail for me. I say “just about” because I’ll take Jeremy any day, even Silas masquerading as him…they are killing off all the eye candy!

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