Win a free iTunes gift card courtesy of Waiting for Lightning

To help promote the new movie ‘Waiting for Lightning,’ CliqueClack is giving away three $15.00 iTunes gift cards! Find out how to win.

Waiting for Lightning is a film about how much abuse the body can sustain … and how high and far dreams can fly.

Waiting for Lightning is the inspirational story of visionary skateboarder Danny Way. The film follows the journey of a young boy from a broken home in Vista, CA, whose passion for skateboarding would one day bring him fame and a lifetime of accomplishments. Way’s drive has no limits as exemplified by his creation captured on screen, a ramp of prodigious and dangerous proportions, across many cultural and ideological boundaries to attempt the impossible: jump China’s Great Wall on a skateboard. It’s a film about how much abuse the body can sustain, how deep you have to dig to survive the challenges life presents, and how high and far dreams can fly. Danny Way has not only proven himself to be an incredibly talented skateboarder but also the sport’s greatest innovator. In his quest for greatness, Way continues to shape the very sport which helped save his own life.

Waiting for Lightning is currently playing in select theaters across the country, but it is available on iTunes as well and we’d like to give you the opportunity to watch the film for free! Our friends at Warner Home Video want to share Waiting for Lightning on iTunes with CliqueClack readers. Now through January 1, 2013, simply leave a comment on this post telling us if you’re a fan of Danny’s or just want to see the movie, and we will pick three comments at random on January 2. The winners will receive a $15.00 gift card good for a rental of Waiting for Lightning … or anything else on iTunes (there are no restrictions on the gift card). Good luck and happy holidays from CliqueClack!

**This offer is now closed. Winners will be notified by email. Thanks for commenting, and check back for more giveaways!**

Photo Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Film Co.

24 Comments on “Win a free iTunes gift card courtesy of Waiting for Lightning

  1. I really want to see this..I enjoy a movie that is so positive. It’s a nice change!

  2. I was born and raised in Vista Ca. I would like to watch this movie and see for once a true happy ending.

  3. My boyfriend is big on skateboarding and also a BIG Danny Way fan amongst many others and would love to watch with him and see him all giddy over it! :P

  4. Looks like an awesome movie! Can’t wait to see how he jumps the Great Wall. And the underlying theme of how he’s driven by death and loss adds emotional weight and just makes you want to root for him!

  5. I want to watch the movie! So much emotion on how deep one struggles just to do one thing, and it’s that passion to it, that’ll make life worth living for. It has a message every dreamer should exemplify! :)

  6. I haven’t seen an inspirational movie for a long time and now when I’m in a low place of my life, I want to see a true meaningful story. Waiting for Lightning seems like what I need right now, the trailer even speaks for itself. I will definitely see it.

  7. I have been a fan of Danny Way for years. It’s great to see his inspirational story to understand how he has become a legend as a skateboarder and how he struggled through his injuries. A good documentary to watch this new year!

  8. i really want to see the movie. ive been a huge skateboarding fan my whole life and its a big part of who i am. Danny is an inspirational figure that i believe can change the way i view skateboarding not only as a physical attraction but also an emotional attraction

  9. I definitely will watch it this new year holiday. Trailer already inspire me to have a positive thinking to welcome 2013 and leave all the bad memories behind…

  10. I am a huge fan of movies, and I hardly find such inspiring movies in stores or anywhere else. I would definitely want to watch and learn from it.

  11. Sounds like a great movie. Will venture to the theatre to see this one.

  12. Always been a huge fan of Danny, his parts in the 90s were always the best to get pumped up, and when the DC Video finally came out, his parts were super inspiring. Can’t wait to see this.

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