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How will Breaking Bad end?

How does AMC’s Breaking Bad end after its final season? What will the final scene be?

Who is Legend of Korra’s Amon?

On Legend of Korra, what is the real identity of the leader of the Equalists? Answer: Amon is actually Tarrlok’s brother, Noatok. Despite rallying the anti-bender movement, Noatok is actually a skilled water and bloodbender. He was killed when his brother chose to end both their lives after escaping from Republic City in “Endgame,” the first season’s […]

Is Young Justice’s Artemis dead?

Answer: No. In the episode “Depth,” Kaldur only pretended to kill Artemis so she could go undercover with him as a new member of The Light. Only Wally, Dick and Kaldur know the truth.

Did Hart of Dixie’s George and Lemon get married?

At the end of Hart of Dixie‘s first season, George and Lemon’s marriage was drawing close. Did they complete their nuptials? Answer: No, George broke things off, and Lemon nearly broke his nose.

Who will Hart of Dixie’s Zoe choose: George or Wade?

Hart of Dixie‘s Zoe is faced with an impossible challenge: the all-American George Tucker or too-hot-for-his-own-good Wade Kinsella?

Who stole Pretty Little Liars’ Alison’s body?

In Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 premiere, Alison’s body was taken from her grave site and whoever did it tried to frame Emily and the other girls. Who took the body?

Who killed Pretty Little Liars’ Maya?

Pretty Little Liars’ Maya is confirmed to be dead in the Season 3 premiere. But who is responsible?

Did Pretty Little Liars’ Garrett really kill Alison?

Pretty Little Liars’ Garrett is arrested at the end of Season 2 for the murder of Allison DeLaurentis. However, in the Season 3 premiere he tells Spencer he didn’t do it and he knows who dug up her body. Did he really kill her?

Who is Pretty Little Liars’ A?

While Pretty Little Liars’ Mona was revealed to be one “A,” there are other people she had been working with who are still not revealed. The Liars thought they had solved the mystery, but at least one more person is still out there.

Who is Once Upon a Time’s Dr. Whale in the Enchanted Forest?

Once Upon a Time‘s Dr. Whale, played by David Anders, has yet to have his Enchanted Forrest identity revealed. Who is he?

Is Teen Wolf’s Lydia a werewolf?

In the season one finale of Teen Wolf, Lydia gets bitten by the Alpha (now dead), but we haven’t seen her change yet. Will she be a werewolf too?

Who attacked Teen Wolf’s Allison?

In the second episode of Teen Wolf‘s second season, “Shape Shifted,” we see a lizard creature about to attack Allison at Isaac’s house. All signs point toward it being someone we know — who?

Lizard creature on Teen Wolf

What is or who is the lizard-like creature shown in the second season of MTV’s Teen Wolf? Answer: The creature has been identified as a Kanima. It’s later revealed to be Jackson, though there is a suggestion there’s more than one

Rubber duck story on Touch

On the first season finale of FOX’s Touch, young Jake tells the story of a capsized ship that let loose thousands of rubber ducks into the Pacific ocean. Is that story true? Answer: Yes. In January, 1992, over 28,000 “Friendly Floaties” were lost, and they did indeed land on shores around the world up to […]

Is Elisabeth Moss leaving Mad Men?

On season 5, episode 11 (“The Other Woman”) of AMC’s Mad Men, it appears Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) might be leaving the show. Is she leaving or will she be back?

Revenge’s Charlotte and the pills

In the second season finale of ABC’s Revenge, it appears Charlotte committed suicide with pills. Is she dead?

Revenge plane crash

In the second season finale of ABC’s Revenge, who died in the plane crash? Was Victoria on the plane? Was Lidia?

Will Glee’s Emma and Will get married?

On FOX’s Glee, will Emma and Will get married? Answer: No. Glee Creator Ryan Murphy states that Will is not getting married.

How did House end?

Answer: In the series finale of House, it appears House had succumbed to a fiery end in a building blaze. His colleagues attend his funeral and issue forth their fond memories of the late doctor. As Wilson begins his tirade in spite of House’s selfishness, a cellphone makes a noise; it’s in Wilson’s pocket, and it says, […]

What happened to Aqualad on Young Justice?

Answer: As far as the team knows, Aqualad has joined forces with Black Manta after Tula died and after he learned Aquaman hid the fact that Black Manta is Aqualad’s father. However, Kaldur is actually undercover to spy on The Light. Only Wally, Dick and Artemis know the truth.

What are the lyrics to Lazy Sunday 2?

Answer: Lazy Sunday Slept right through my alarm Activate Siri and say “Call Parn” Who dis? It’s me, man Yo Samberg, kick facts Tonight is the night Broadway Sister Act The show’s not ’til later Let’s merc some brunch I know a cute French place Meet me outside Crunch My core is ripped That workout […]

Is Nolan dead on Revenge?

On ABC’s Revenge, season 1, episode 21 (“Grief”), it appears Nolan Ross was killed. Is he really dead? Answer: No. Nolan was merely knocked out during the incident in “Grief.”

Is Awake canceled?

Answer: In the 2012 NBC upfronts, the network decided not to pick up Awake for a second season.

Is Grace Park leaving Hawaii Five-0?

On the second season finale of CBS’s Hawaii Five-0, Grace Park’s character, Kono, appears to have drowned. Is her character dead and gone?

Does Barney really marry Robin?

On CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, does Barney Stinson really marry Robin Scherbatsky?

What’s Marshall and Lily’s baby’s name?

Answer: In the seventh season finale, it was revealed that Lily and Marshall named their son Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen, after Marshall’s father and Barney’s catchphrase.

Do Dexter and Deb hook up?

On Showtime’s Dexter, does Dexter get together with his sister, Deb Morgan?

How did Amanda Clarke’s mother die?

On ABC’s Revenge, how did Amanda Clarke’s mother die? Answer: It’s revealed in the first season finale that her mother is, in fact, not dead.

Was the sex recording President Grant received a blackmail tape from Olivia?

Answer: No. In “The Trail,” episode six, season one, we learn that the voice recording is not of the president and Amanda. Instead, it is of the president, during his presidential election campaign, and Olivia, when they first consummated their relationship. The vice president’s chief of staff sent the voice recording to the president two […]

Did President Grant have a lovechild with his intern, Amanda?

Answer: No. It is eventually revealed in “The Trail,” episode six, season one, that the president did not share the same blood type as the child. It is presumed that the VP’s chief of staff fathered the child.

Is Captain Sean Renard a Grimm?

On FOX’s Grimm, is Captain Sean Renard’s (Sasha Roiz) secret that he’s a Grimm?

Who dies on Grey’s Anatomy’s season 8 finale?

Creator Shonda Rhimes has indicated a significant death happens in the 8th season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Who is it?

Will Elena choose Stefan or Damon?

In the season three finale of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, Elena seemed to have chosen Stefan over Damon. Do you think it will stick?

Is Matt Davis leaving The Vampire Diaries?

Alaric is dead and Matt Davis has been cast in another CW pilot, Cult. Does this mean Alaric is dead?

Is Tyler Lockwood dead?

On the season three finale of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, Klaus takes over Tyler’s body. Does this mean that Tyler is dead and gone?

Is Elena a vampire?

On the third season finale of CW’s The Vampire Diaries, it appears Elena has been turned. Is it true?

What was written on Beckett’s mother’s headstone?

On ABC’s Castle, on Kate Beckett’s mother’s tombstone, what does “Vincit Omnia Veritas” mean?

Does Wilson die on House?

Before or during FOX’s House series finale, will Wilson die of cancer? Answer: The series finale of House did not offer up a conclusion to Wilson’s illness, though the viewers are led to believe he spends his final months alive with his best friend, Dr. Gregory House.

Who will win season 2 of The Voice?

Who will be the winner of the second season of NBC’s The Voice?

Did Littlefinger recognize Arya Stark when he met with Tywin Lannister?

On HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 6 – “The Old Gods and the New,” did Lord Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) recognize Arya Stark in the meeting with Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal?

Will Elena be turned in the Vampire Diaries third season finale?

In the season 3 finale of CW’s The Vampire Diaries, will Elena be turned into a vampire?

Is Ryan dead on Wilfred?

On the FX TV show Wilfred, is the main character, Ryan, dead?

Who will win season 11 of American Idol?

Who is going to win American Idol‘s 11th season?

Who is the leak on The Closer?

On TNT’s The Closer, ho leaked information to the plaintiff’s attorney in the wrongful death case against Dep. Brenda Leigh Johnson? Answer: Det. Gabriel’s girlfriend, with whom he was sharing information about Major Crimes’ cases, was leaking information to Peter Goldman.

What (or who) is Shelburne on Hawaii Five-0?

On CBS’s Hawaii Five-0, who — or what — is Shelburne? Answered: In the second season finale “Ua Hala,” Joe told Steve he would find Shelburne inside a hotel room; when Steve opened the door, the camera was on his face (only) when he said, “Mom?”

Is Psych’s Henry Spencer dead?

Was Shawn Spencer’s father, Henry, killed when he was shot in the sixth season finale?

Who is the “mystery man” on Castle?

Who is the mysterious man who helps Castle keep Beckett out of trouble?

Will Travis and Laurie have a sexual relationship?

On ABC’s Cougar Town, will Travis and Laurie have sex or a longer-term sexual relationship?

Will Jules and Grayson get married?

On ABC’s Cougar Town, will Jules and Grayson get married?

Is David Clarke on Revenge still alive?

On ABC’s Revenge, is Emily’s father, David Clarke, still alive?

On Supernatural, how long will Bobby remain a ghost?

On the CW TV series Supernatural, how long will Bobby Singer remain around as a ghost?

From which Original’s bloodline do Stefan and Damon descend?

On CW’s The Vampire Diaries, from which Original’s bloodline do Stefan and Damon descend?

Who shot Henry Spencer?

On the USA TV series Psych, who shot Henry Spencer at the end of the sixth season?

Who killed Rosie Larson?

On the AMC TV series The Killing, who killed Rosie Larson? Answer: As revealed in the second season finale, it was Rosie’s Aunt, Terry Marek, who confessed to the killing.

Who does Barney Stinson marry?

On CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, who does Barney Stinson ultimately get married to?

Who is Gossip Girl?

On CW’s Gossip Girl, who is “Gossip Girl?”

Who was behind the attack on Bran Stark?

On the HBO series Game of Thrones, who was really behind the attack on Bran Stark?

Who is Jon Snow’s mother?

On the HBO series Game of Thrones, who is Jon Snow’s birth mother?

Who is behind Beckett’s mother’s murder?

On the ABC TV series Castle, who is responsible for murdering Beckett’s mother?

Who is sending the Alcatraz inmates to the future?

On the FOX TV series Alcatraz, who is responsible for sending the inmates to the future, or present day?

Why are the Alcatraz inmates coming back?

On the FOX TV series Alcatraz, what is the reason for the inmates returning to present-day?

How are the Alcatraz inmates coming back?

On FOX’s Alcatraz, what’s happening to cause the inmates to return to present day?

Who is “the mother” on How I Met Your Mother?

Who is future Ted Mosby’s wife and the mother two his two children?

Is Prof. Gellar real?

Is Dexter‘s Professor Gellar a real person or simply a figment of Travis’ imagination?

Who is Red John?

On the CBS TV series The Mentalist, what is the identity of Red John?

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