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Twitter: Dorv
Bio: I've been told I would argue with a brick wall. The people that say that, rather sarcastically, have never seen me actually argue with a brick wall. But if you asked me directly if I argue with walls, I would not deny it. I'd also tell you I won that argument. I'm a rabble rouser ... I rouse rabbles.

Posts by Ivey West

The Odd Life of Timothy Green fails to impress

Disney’s ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ tries hard to pull on your heart-strings, but forgets to make a good movie while doing so.

Total Recall is a surprisingly good action flick

‘Total Recall’ sets itself apart from the 1990 original by delivering incredible visuals and non-stop action.

The Amazing Spider-Man is solid, yet unnecessary

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a complete reboot of the successful Sony franchise. If you are interested in seeing a very similar story play out with better performances, this is your flick.

People Like Us shows us how not to meet your sister

‘People Like Us’ follows the story of Sam and Frankie, discovering their family bonds after the death of a father neither of them loved.

Rock of Ages rocks on and on and on

‘Rock of Ages’ starts rocking out in the first seconds of the film, and doesn’t let off until after the credits roll.

Ultrasonic is a fresh look at how paranoia develops

‘Ultrasonic’ is a stark psychological study, following the mind of one man who is hearing more than he should, and his guide who helps create the fantasy world of conspiracy that might not be that far-fetched.

Men in Black III fails to recapture the magic

If ‘Men in Black III’ had chosen to go back in time to 1997 when the first film premiered successfully instead of 1969, maybe it would have had better luck recreating that success.

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