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Ivey West

Twitter: Dorv
Bio: I've been told I would argue with a brick wall. The people that say that, rather sarcastically, have never seen me actually argue with a brick wall. But if you asked me directly if I argue with walls, I would not deny it. I'd also tell you I won that argument. I'm a rabble rouser ... I rouse rabbles.

Posts by Ivey West

Check into The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ brings together a cast of British all-stars and sends them to a hole in the wall hotel in India to find themselves.

Marvel’s The Avengers is the greatest comic book flick of all time

With ‘Marvel’s The Avengers,’ Joss Whedon has set a new bar for what comic book movies are supposed to look like and, more importantly, how they are supposed to feel.

The Lucky One is a solid paint-by-numbers affair

‘The Lucky One’ is a love story anyone can get into. And it’s got a dog. Who doesn’t like a dog?

Does John Carter live up to the hype?

Disney has been hyping up ‘John Carter’ for quite some time, not nearly as long however, as fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs have been waiting for their favorite characters to grace the big screen.

Act of Valor – Sing your death song

Unless you’ve walked in the boots of a Navy SEAL or other service member who’s served ‘downrange,’ you’ve never seen action as realistic as ‘Act of Valor.’

Man on a Ledge is a by-the-numbers thriller

If you like your roller coasters with road signs to tell you when the twists are coming, then ‘Man on a Ledge’ will be right up your alley.

My favorite ten-ish films of 2011

Instead of a ‘Best Of’ list of movies that you’ve never heard of, I take back at my favorite films of 2011. It’s a much more fun list to write, and to tell me how crazy I am.

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