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Katie Schenkel

Twitter: JustPlainTweets
Bio: Katie lives in Indianapolis and has an English degree from Butler University. Her day job is as a copywriter for a website developer. She's also an admitted film and TV junkie who makes an average of 20 Arrested Development/Futurama/Simpsons quotes a day. She writes and runs the movie website

Posts by Katie Schenkel

Safety Not Guaranteed but sweet, quirky sci-fi is

Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza shine in ‘Safety Not Guaranteed,’ a delightful lo-fi comedy that starts with a simple, run-of-the-mill classified ad for a time-traveling companion with their own weapons. You know, the norm.

Snow White and the Huntsman – Not the fairest Snow White, but certainly enjoyable

The second Snow White adaptation of the year had so much potential, but all the cool visuals in the world can’t give a flat protagonist depth.

The Five-Year Engagement – A flawed but authentic love story

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star in this comedy about what happens to true love when life gets in the way.

American Reunion – Save your money and skip this reunion

The gang is back 10 … ish years later for their 10 … ish-th high school reunion. And like many high school reunions, the movie is awkward, unpleasant and kind of sad.

Michael Bay thinks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are aliens

There are certain bits of movie news that feel like a joke or something out of an alternate universe where moronic movie decisions are made on a whim. But it isn’t an alternate universe … it’s ours.

The Muppets sequel without Jason Segel — good or bad?

Will the ‘HIMYM’ star’s absence hurt or help this iconic franchise’s reemergence into the movies?

Wanderlust drags along and outlasts its welcome

Are you ready for painfully awkward, drawn out laughs and copious amounts of male genitalia? Neither was I, but that’s what I got with ‘Wanderlust’!

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