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Twitter: JustPlainTweets
Bio: Katie lives in Indianapolis and has an English degree from Butler University. Her day job is as a copywriter for a website developer. She's also an admitted film and TV junkie who makes an average of 20 Arrested Development/Futurama/Simpsons quotes a day. She writes and runs the movie website

Posts by Katie Schenkel

Safe House – An uneven thriller, but watch it for Denzel

It became quite clear as I watched ‘Safe House’ that this is Denzel Washington’s movie to command. But how did the rest of the movie do?

The Muppets – I couldn’t ask for more

Muppet fans, this is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to put on make-up, it’s time to light the lights, and it’s time for a whole new generation to meet the Muppets.

The Zombie Comedy is much more than a parody

On the last day of CliqueClack’s 31 days of Halloween, I take a look at one of the newest and my favorite genre of horror films: the Zombie Comedy.

The amazing women of Young Frankenstein

As ‘Young Frankenstein’ week comes to a close, let’s take a look at three of the funniest women of all in cinema … who all happen to be in this movie.

The only not funny moment of Young Frankenstein … is brilliant

Like Frederick and his laboratory platform, one particular scene elevates ‘Young Frankenstein’ from hilarious movie to cinematic perfection.

The Thing – A smartly written horror prequel

In an era of bad sequels and worse remakes, we’ve got a genuinely enjoyable horror prequel. And just in time for Halloween.

Harry Potter – The books are better, and that’s OK

With the film series finally completed, diehard ‘Potter’ fans like me once again put a critical eye to the adaptations. But I’m keeping it in perspective, people.

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