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Bio: If you live on the East Coast and watched a local ad on cable between 2002 and 2005, there's a chance I had something to do with that-- I may have even written it. I'm sorry and I promise that I never *wanted* to end a commercial with a shot of the employees standing in the parking lot and waving; it just happens. Right now, I confine my writing to various corners of the internet, including the entire CliqueClack family of sites. If you travel between the sites, you can probably figure out enough information about me to steal my identity. So good luck with that, sucker. Have fun paying my student loans.

Posts by Kona Gallagher

Is Channing Tatum too hot for his own good?

‘Magic Mike’ is going to propel Channing Tatum to the next level of stardom. But will he be relegated to beefcake roles for the rest of his life, or can he step out of the gym and into a varied and interesting career?

The Hunger Games totally lives up to the hype

A great script and strong performances ensures that ‘The Hunger Games’ will please both fans of the book series and complete newbies.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home will make you want to stop being such a cynical jerk

Jason Segel shines as an affable pothead trying to find his destiny in ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home.’

In a world in which Christina Hendricks exists, I don’t understand Carrie Mulligan

I recently watched ‘Drive,’ and was completely confounded by the lack of action between Ryan Gosling and Christina Hendricks. I felt foresaken.

Straw Dogs needs to quit worrying and embrace the bear trap

There’s nothing wrong with a movie that is all about people getting shot in the face. Unfortunately, ‘Straw Dogs’ struggles mightily to make us believe it’s something more.

The five most charming clips of America’s boyfriend, Ryan Gosling

I won’t say I have all the Ryan Gosling you’ll ever need in one place, because that is simply not possible. However, I have five pretty amazing clips of Gosling just being Gosling. For those of you about to swoon; I salute you.

The Guard – I’ve never missed Ireland more

Within the first two minutes, ‘The Guard’ easily cements its place as one of the best comedies of the year, and it only gets better from there.

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