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The Saturn Awards from a media point of view

My first foray into jockeying for position on a red carpet at an awards show came with some unexpected surprises.

McQuarrie and Giraud – Grandmaster artists who will be missed

The art world is all the poorer with the passing of two of the greatest visionaries of comics and film ever to grace a blank page with their inventiveness.

George Lucas hates science, history, learning and children

I never really understood the burning hatred many have for George Lucas’s changes to the ‘Star Wars’ movies, as they are on the new Blu-ray release of the series … until now.

Flicks on DVD and Blu-ray – Thor, Citizen Kane and the Star Wars Saga

What do a Norse god, a publishing magnate, Lucille Ball and the Dark Lord of the Sith have in common? They’re all coming to home video this week!

More Blade Runner and changes to Star Wars – Please just leave it alone

Why can’t films be original, rather than returning to worn-out franchises?

Where should Star Wars virgins start?

The question I have isn’t about what age I should start my son on the ‘Star Wars’ saga, but at what point in the series should he start.

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