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The Venture Bros. – Season four had one epic hourlong ending!

With the boys being thrown their senior prom, the writers could have gone in many different directions. They made great use of the longer episode, which makes my job hard -- I want to talk about it all!

- Season 4, Episode 16 - "Operation: P.R.O.M."

OK, first I have to get it out of the way — easily, the best scene was when Rusty was told that, thanks to Colonel Gentleman, a “Rusty Venture” is also the name of a particular homoerotic sex act. It got funnier and funnier as Shoreleave (Jackson Publick) and the Alchemist (Dana Snyder) tried to find the official definition, betting a “Rusty Venture” to the winner. Speaking of Al and Shoreleave, they are now my favorite gay couple — real or fictional. I’ve expressed my impossible girlcrush on Shoreleave before, but he was absolutely adorable with Al in the finale. When they slowdanced in the end and Al’s foot popped, my heart just melted.

Hank and Dean both got rejected by their dates, but at least Dean got his to the dance. I know we’re supposed to think Dean is wrong in being jealous of Triana’s boyfriend, but the girl was kind of terrible in this episode. If you know a boy had a huge crush on you in the past, don’t gush on and on about your perfect new guy. It’s not nice, Triana, and you should know better.

I love practically every episode with Hunter, but this is the first time we really got to see him shaken off his game, thanks to General Traster retiring and leaving him the OSI. And how great was it to know even Hunter had to be Nozzled? It was thrilling to watch the doublecross from Doe and Cardholder and then the double-doublecross from Traster.

That’s the great thing about the show: it’s a late night comedy, but it has action-packed and emotional layers to it as well. We got to see 21 finally let go of 24’s memory, which was truly heartbreaking even if those around him thought he was mourning the death of the band Arrested Development. I cheered a little when he finally confronted Dr. Girlfriend about their secret kiss, but I hope his storming off doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. How great would it be to have him join OSI?

I was honestly shocked by the twist with Molotov Cocktease at the end, but it was a great twist. Poor Brock… she gave her name justice by being a cocktease to the guy one last time before plummeting off the cliff with her lover. That being said, I’m not convinced a VB character is dead until I see their decapitated head in the hands of their best friend.

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4 Responses to “The Venture Bros. – Season four had one epic hourlong ending!”

November 22, 2010 at 12:54 PM

“We got to see 24 finally let go of 21′s memory”

I guess you should or do you think that 24 is the one who finally left 21 alone? That 24 is a real ghost now? I guess you can misinterpret that sentence, like I did :-) I thought with the crying, 21 finally was able to let go. Especially because the guy from Arrested Development isn’t even dead yet ;-)

“How great would it be to have him join OSI”

I hope you mean S.P.H.I.N.X.(Sphinx!)…

To be honest I still don’t believe 24 is dead. But it’s so nice that he now has 38 to talk to :-)

November 22, 2010 at 3:27 PM

Yeah, that typo is gone now.

But as much as I love Shoreleave shouting, “Sphinx!”, I’m thinking with Hunter in command at OSI, the Egyptian-themed organization will probably disband. Pity.

November 22, 2010 at 3:30 PM

Yeah you are right… Hunter is now at he helm of OSI so to speak … I loved 21 in the Sphinx-Gear…

The whole episode had this great John Hughes kinda feel to it, I loved that (didn’t love the Monarch Swinging bit to be honest, I had high hopes for Sheila and 21… ah well…)

November 29, 2010 at 11:24 PM

Pretty much in agreement that this was an awesome episode. I especially liked the end music Like A Friend, fit the mood perfectly.

Oh and the final line, how could you not smile and laugh at that.

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