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Anger Management – Not really much anger this time

'Anger Management' delivers an episode that wants to tell a funny turnaround point about attraction, but it ends up being sort of bland.

So that was pretty boring, wasn’t it? It was actually not nearly as offensive as some of the previous offenses, aside from the several runs of Asian jokes. Note to Anger Management: calling a racist joke racist doesn’t make it okay to make the joke in first place. Especially if it wasn’t funny in the first place.

I can’t figure out this show at this point — is there supposed to be some sort of an actual longer story arc with the group? If so, I’d think it’d be more interesting to have the “stealing Patrick” thing resolved in two episodes to increase the drama. The ultimate resolution of paralleling the romance novel methodology was clever, although it was both rushed (something that’d be solved by elongating the plot) and that sort of “guy treats guy like girl or vice versa” already was done a million times on Friends.

It was a very bland episode in general, although there were a few funny jokes every so often. The entire subplot with their daughter seems to be going somewhere, although it was so bizarrely structured it was hard to know what the jokes were expected to come from. I suppose it isn’t the worst thing to address the concerns of teenage girls struggling for acceptance among peers when it comes to sexuality, but I don’t really trust this show to pull it off. The “women like aggressive men” so-called reveal isn’t anything revelatory or new, although perhaps it might seem that way to the creators of the show. The entire weird scene in the jail seemed weirdly dark and out of place in a way that the rest of the scenes didn’t. Charlie’s interactions with Selma Blair feel like they could be the most interesting, but ended up being mostly bleh.

Technically, it was a watchable episode.

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