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Louie – The incongruous but meaningful cameos of Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron

'Louie' has a few guest stars, but it's really all about embarrassment and old memories.

- Season 3, Episode 7 - "Ikea; Piano Lesson"

Is it a crime to bury the misdeeds of a past? Not really, but it can nigh impossible to recover from the pain and loss of bad things long gone, even if you no longer remember them. This week’s Louie showcased embarrassment in the face of public scrutiny, even if that public doesn’t particularly care. And that sometimes, healing isn’t a smooth path at all — in fact, sometimes it becomes circuitous.

The first segment (“Ikea”) reintroduced one of similar bits of continuity, Dolores the problematic sexual partner who in the episode “Bummer/Blueberries” proffered a guilt free intimate escape that led to some odd roleplay and Dolores bursting into tears. At the time, she was obsessed with the blueberries of the episode’s title, a symbol of a stable relationship she didn’t realize she was really after. Sometimes we lie to ourselves about the past — something that comes up later in this most recent episode. Now she’s back, offering more sexual favors to Louis for his assistance with help at Ikea. Sex for stability, in a matter of speaking. But at least she’s been talking to a therapist, even if Louis isn’t so willing to pursue that avenue.

He’s not particularly interested in Dolores, which becomes clear with his rant on rugs (a metaphor), so she bursts into helpless tears again. But not before we see the young couple vowing to never become like that. Sure… And yet, it ends on a note of happiness, with Louis declining anything in return for now, and that’s better than Dolores expected. This was a particularly strong segment, even more so than the second part, although that one was a bit more star-studded.

In the second segment (“Piano Lesson”), Louis has a late in life attempt to learn something he’s always meant to try. And Doris, the piano teacher, promises he’ll soon become quite the expert. But when Maria Bamford (playing a very Louie version of herself) reveals they have crabs, it’s more embarrassment due to past mistakes. Although we don’t know what happened with Dolores, we also don’t know what happened with Marc Maron… and when we do, like with Maria, it’s still not good.

But at least knowledge led to easy healing, even with embarrassment. Is humiliation the price for stupidity? Is it a fair one? The old lady in the pharmacy didn’t seem to think so. But soon enough, we see Louis watching himself on a fictional retrospective about a show he did (theoretically in the 80’s, but it could’ve been the 90’s). He’s not too happy when he compares himself to himself. But then his friend Sarah Silverman shows up (although there’s no way she would’ve been old enough to do standup in the 80’s) and Louis’ entire demeanor changes. As Sarah criticizes her own past mistakes, we can tell she revels in them — it’s not really about humiliation with her anymore. But then Marc Maron appears, someone Louis has had real life issues with — leading to a great scene with Louis apologizes and it is revealed that he already had five years earlier.

Embarrassed again, this time for his failure to remember. He doesn’t want to forget.


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One Response to “Louie – The incongruous but meaningful cameos of Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron”

August 10, 2012 at 6:33 PM

The answer to what happened with Marc Maron:

So they have talked in real life but not on the show.

Basically the story on the show is reverse to what happened in real life. Maron was angry at CK and was the asshole and apologized to CK on his podcast. Pretty carthargic.

And this here on Louie made it fucking funny :-)

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