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Community creator Dan Harmon speaks up on his reddit IAmA

Fans of NBC's 'Community' know where their loyalties lie. So when the creator of their beloved show decides to show up at a reddit IAmA post, the loyal come running ... and asking, and reading.

As someone who’s familiar with Dan Harmon’s connection with fans and his beloved show (I think we can still say it’s “his” show, even though he’s no longer running it) would expect, he was very engaged with the questions and responses with fans in his Ask Me Anything post, giving some insight and answers to burning questions, as well as offering up advice and opinions for those looking for it.

I’ve picked out a few great highlights:

There’s a LOT more, so head on over to the original reddit thread to see what else he had to say … and might still be adding as you read this.

Photo Credit: San Diego Comic-Con

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2 Responses to “Community creator Dan Harmon speaks up on his reddit IAmA”

August 24, 2012 at 6:58 AM

I don’t pretend to understand the minutiae of the feud, but since Cornelius Chase has gone by the nickname Chevy since age 2, according to his IMDb page, the casual assumption that any problem the actor may have with his given name or that of the adoptive grandfather for whom he was named is “dumb” seems disingenuous at best.

And that’s assuming the initial choice of the name was not an intentional needling of the actor.

August 24, 2012 at 9:42 AM

I’m not sure anyone can really understand exactly what went on during the feud (although their relationship has apparently always been rough), but if I recall Pierce’s father has been named Cornelius since the 2nd season. We also met his father earlier in the 3rd season and the ending he walked out on was also the episode that had Pierce’s dad featured in it and Chevy didn’t walk off the episode itself. It just seems strange to me that he’d walk off because of that NOW, especially since I’ve heard from multiple cast members that Chevy was always wanting more stories about him and that ending scene was ALL about his character in a really cool way.

I don’t know, maybe he was offended but the last day of shooting for the whole season seems like a really odd day to take a stand about something like this.

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