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So You Think You Can Dance – Best show of the season

'SYTYCD' was jam-packed with superb performances. Fans of the show wait for this episode every year. You don't know when it's coming ... all of a sudden it's just there.

- Season 9, Episode 13 - "Top 6 Perform"

If you follow reality television (and So You Think You Can Dance is no exception) you anticipate the episode where everything comes together, all the performances align with the heavens and everything is right with the world. Airing 13 of season 9 was that episode.

Holy guacamole, were there ever some outstanding performances by the remaining cream of the crop on SYTYCD. Sure, there was a stumble here and there in the 2 hours of program, but the majority of it showcased routines that ellicted powerful images and emotion that oozed out the television screen. I’ve highlighted a couple of the below.

The first really powerful piece came from Sonya Tayeh’s choreography as realized by Cole and all-star Melanie Moore, last year’s SYTYCD champion. With her being the aggressor in the duo, the piece forced itself on you and didn’t let you look away from the screen for fear you might miss something. Just look at some of the moves Cole and Melanie pulled off. Amazing stuff:

Chehon and Kathryn’s turn was no less riveting:

Later, we got a strange and emotive “marriage-to-be” gone wrong lyrical piece from Witney and Marko. I’ve noted previously it’s taken time for me to dig these pieces, but I’m completely on board now. Just take a gander below and you’ll see why:

Lest we get too wrapped up in lyrical and contemporary performances, dub-stepper Cyrus got the luck of the draw with a routine right in his wheelhouse; he and all-star Comfort committed a hip hop-ish/dub number showcasing both their strengths brilliantly:

Lastly, Cole and Eliana do a powerful “hate” routine to “Adagio For Strings” with incredible choreography from Mia Michaels that raised the bar:

The overall feel of the evening was one of exhiliration — superb choreography interpretted brilliantly by the contestants. Sure, there were stumbles along the way: Chehon can’t cha cha to save his life. Tiffany’s solo was *meh* to the point of drabbery. They can’t all be gems.

Still, Tiffany’s done enough to get the nod to advance to the finals unlike Witney, who’s been at the bottom of the pack time and again. She was let go, leaving Tiffany and Eliana to duke it out in the finale.

The slight surprise came with the guys, who wouldn’t make the cut. Really: Which two of the three advance between Chehon, Cole and Cyrus? Cyrus is the clear favorite, but I was still worried about him making it. Chehon has his faults, but so does Cole. In the end the viewers chose the first two as their champions, Cole pulling up the rear.

So, the finals are set: Eliana, Tiffany, Chehon and Cyrus will perform in the finals and challenge each other for title of best girl and best guy for the season. My picks: Eliana and Cyrus.

It won’t be as fantastic a show as this one was, but you just never know.


Photo Credit: FOX

3 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance – Best show of the season”

September 6, 2012 at 4:29 PM

No mention of the swing piece that opened the show? Insane amounts of energy. Tiffany was impressive. And it’s so fun to know that Benji and Christina Applegate take dance class together.

It was a great show. I loved that Mia was back. And the dubstep piece was great, except I think Comfort didn’t quite keep up with Cyrus on parts, which is something.

Speaking of Cyrus, I’ve been playing a game all season watching him in the opening numbers. He has mostly been given a mainly character part, running around on sidelines, and/or stuck in the back. This was the first opening piece that he was held up to do just as much dancing as everyone else, and he did a decent job.

September 6, 2012 at 5:48 PM

. . . . .


As it was, I went long with 4 videos. Then … added that 5th one. I thought I was stretching it as it was.

Still … I considered the Tiffany/Benji swing number. It was infectious and warranted mention.

I know of what you speaking regarding Cyrus and the opening numbers … and I have noticed him being in the background – so to speak – when it comes to performing in them. This time? He held his own quite well.

September 6, 2012 at 11:00 PM

* sigh * Cole is such a fabulous dancer. I preferred his dance for this ep over the other two males. He’s just more fluid and versatile. Sometimes he’s too perfect, but watching his dance I thought he’d take the top spot.

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