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Bio: While CliqueClack is my first foray into the blogosphere, it’s just one stop along my long journey in writing. With my first book of short stories bounded via copy machine when I was still a lad, my evolution along the trajectory of writing has far exceeded that of my drawing; that first book was fronted by a rather pedestrian hand drawing of “Leatherhead”, of TMNT fame, and my ability hasn’t grown beyond rudimentary since those days. But the baby’s cute!

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Episodes – Matthew Broderick’s available

Matt may not have noticed, but the fact that Merc is having an affair makes Matt’s dalliance with Jamie potentially more threatening than just for the sake of his job. With Merc unable to get mad at Jamie, Matt may very well be in for a … gulp … long-term relationship!

Weeds – Found him

And on this very special version of “Little Boxes”: Steve Martin and Kevin Nealon! While Steve Martin played the banjo, Kevin Nealon, AKA Doug Wilson, screamed the lyrics. Awesome!

Weeds – Run Andy, run!

“Little Boxes” is back for good in this, the final season of ‘Weeds’ … and so is the rotating artist performing the theme. Thanks for the awesome gift!

Episodes – Affairs only get you an Infiniti

Season two of ‘Episodes’ is clearly taking a different path than season one, yet the show continues to soar. Still, there are some interesting directional changes taking place that have me wondering, “Where are they going with this?”

Episodes – Pucks sucks

I had a real ‘Friends’ moment when Matt told Sean, who was lecturing him about sleeping with married woman, “I miss this.” Think back to Chandler’s “bachelor party,” where the hooker was waiting in the spare bedroom. “I don’t think we’ve actually done this before!”

Who got shot on Weeds … and by whom?

With ‘Weeds’ there has always been a question of, “Where is this going?” Well, following the season premiere of season eight things are no different … with the original title sequence back you’ve got to wonder if this is all leading back to home.

The Celebrity Apprentice – But who’s the real winner?

Expecting Tara? While she and some friends are off recreating their favorite scenes from ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, I offered to step in as we discovered which of our favorite “celebrities” got named Donald Trump’s special friend.

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