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Bio: I'm an obsessive TV watcher, jumping head first into my favorite shows (which have included Twin Peaks, Buffy, Angel, Deadwood, and Lost). I've also been known to force my love of TV onto others. Blogger by night, by day I spend my time designing medical products as an engineer (I know, don't hold it against me).

Posts by Bob Degon

Breaking Bad – Questions answered and a new mystery is revealed

So much for easing into the new season. With ‘Breaking Bad’ blazing toward its finish line, it didn’t take any breaths, instead picking up right where season four left off.

San Diego Comic-Con and what we’re not missing

Not everyone is headed to the Comic Con this week. Brother and sister team, Bob and Deb take a look at what we will miss most about sticking it out on the east coast in Quibbling Siblings.

What does the future hold for Theon? – Beyond the Wall

Each week Bob and Ivey discuss ‘Game of Thrones’ as avid readers of the novels, so spoilerphobes should beware. This week Theon’s future is the topic, and spoilers through ‘A Dance with Dragons’ abound.

What’s your favorite game show? – Quibbling Siblings

Every week brother and sister team Debbie and Bob take on a new topic. This week, news of a ‘Draw Something’ show have us thinking about our favorite game shows of all time.

30 Rock – Five things I want from the final season

With ’30 Rock’s’ final season approaching, I’ve been thinking about some of the things I would love to see before the show goes off the air.

Recapping the deaths of Game of Thrones season two – Beyond the Wall

Every week Bob and Ivey look at ‘Game of Thrones’ from the book readers’ perspective (so beware of spoilers). This week we take a look at the deaths of season two.

Mad Men – This doom and gloom. I’m tired of it.

Trudy said it best. After a very dark and gloomy season, ‘Mad Men’ has come to end for another year. Unlike years past, the show delivered a quiet, and mostly uneventful finale.

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