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#Sadsadconversation – Who are these people?

Some of the most talented (and least famous) actors, writers, and comedians in television are in the middle of an online conversation we can all relate to.

The Virgin Diaries: Dawson’s Creek, how did Michelle Williams survive you?

The ‘Dawson’s Creek’ pilot was hard to watch, but darn it, they hooked me in for more.

Sergeant Debra Morgan is one of television’s gems

Jennifer Carpenter does a flawless Deb Morgan on ‘Dexter’.

Why I like Breaking Bad’s Skyler White

Most of the men I know don’t like ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Skyler White. I think Walt is lucky to have her.

Big Bang Theory, Community, and The Office? It’s not you, it’s me

If you miss your regular shows for a few weeks, do you go back and catch up? Or do you move on?

When you can’t have sex, watch Dexter

What do you watch when you suddenly have some time to catch up on shows that you missed when they aired?

Better late to Dexter than never – Diary of a Dexter Virgin

I cannot believe I waited this long to watch ‘Dexter.’ My only consolation is that I got to watch five seasons without having to wait a week between episodes.

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