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Bio: Katie lives in Indianapolis and has an English degree from Butler University. Her day job is as a copywriter for a website developer. She's also an admitted film and TV junkie who makes an average of 20 Arrested Development/Futurama/Simpsons quotes a day. She writes and runs the movie website

Posts by Katie Schenkel

Batman Beyond – Batman Month on CartoonClack

Batman Month continues on CartoonClack with a look at the futuristic continuation of the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ universe, now featuring jetpacks, club music and a really cranky old man.

Futurama – Politics and Time Travel 101

This week, Bender teaches us that manipulating time travel paradoxes is key to the political system. We also learn that it’s pointless to try to make a difference in the world and that Hedonism bot doesn’t have a tongue. Happy Election Year, everyone!

Batman: The Animated Series – Batman Month on CartoonClack

Batman Month begins on CartoonClack with arguably the best of Warner Bros. animation and one of my favorite cartoons of all time. He is vengeance. He is the night. He … is … Batman!

Futurama – Two heartfelt episodes in one season premiere

Good news, everyone! ‘Futurama’ is back for the summer, Bender has a baby, the world is about to end and we’re given two very strong episodes to start the 7th season!

Legend of Korra’s Amon and his wacky identities – CartoonClack

Amon’s face might be a secret to Team Avatar, but let’s take a look at the more … ‘interesting’ hypotheses about the ‘Legend of Korra’ antagonist’s true identity.

Young Justice goes on hiatus, but what a way to go – CartoonClack

‘Young Justice’ is slated to be reruns for at least the next month, but the writers decided to throw in just one more 22 minute emotion bomb for the mid-season finale. And it’s fantastic.

Talking Kaijudo with Scott Wolf – CartoonClack Interview

During the ‘Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters’ premiere weekend, Scott Wolf discusses his character’s hero journey, addressing bullying in cartoons and his jump into voice acting.

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