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Bio: Kim Tibbs is an accomplished writer and editor from Indianapolis who loves all things pop culture-related, especially from the 1980s. She often goes to horror conventions and comic cons in the Midwest to meet celebrities and her apartment is literally like walking into a pop culture museum, with records on the walls and an original Nintendo arcade circa 1986, paying tribute to some of her favorite TV sitcoms, movie and music industry icons.

Posts by Kim Tibbs

Square Pegs – A SATC Week CliqueClack Flashback

Do you remember Sarah Jessica Parker before she was Carrie Bradshaw? This week’s flashback is on ‘Square Pegs’ – her first big break that only lasted one season. Take a walk down memory lane with the best of the new wave fashions and that catchy theme song by The Waitresses.

SATC Week – A writer’s tribute to the brilliant mind of Carrie Bradshaw

As ‘Sex and the City’ Week gets underway, I’d like to examine some of Carrie Bradshaw’s most profound insights about life, love and relationships. As a writer and hopeless romantic myself, I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to a show that was empowering to many women.

SATC Week – An homage to Aidan, the sweet, sexy furniture designer who got away

Aidan Shaw was warm, masculine and a classic American, just like his furniture. As ‘Sex and the City’ Week rages on with the series’ ups and downs, here’s a look at the relationship between Carrie and Aidan – the adorable furniture designer who got away.

What do you think of the Dancing with the Stars’ All-Stars cast?

‘Dancing with the Stars All-Stars’ returns Monday, Sept. 24, and it was recently announced which dance pros have been paired up with which stars. What do you think of the All-Stars cast? Are most of your favorites returning or were you disappointed at all?

Lost Virgin Diary – Goodbye strangers, it’s been nice; hope you find your paradise

The end has finally come. I just completed the final season of ‘Lost’ and this will be my last Virgin Diary entry on the series. Join me for one final look at my favorite group of stranded castaways. Did they all finally make it back home?

True Blood – Glamouring: it’s just like starting over

With just two remaining episodes of ‘True Blood’ this season, Russell Edgington has finally played his hand, Hoyt asks Jessica to glamour him, Bill sounds like a religious nut, Sookie may be a vampire offering, and in an unlikely turn of events, Eric grovels at Russell’s feet. Otherwise, it’s just another ordinary day in Bon Temps.

Lost Virgin Diary – What lies in the shadow of the statue?

The battle lines have been proverbially drawn in the sand on ‘Lost,’ as pseudo-Locke prepares his followers for a final showdown between good and evil on the island. Join me as I take a look at the rest of Season 5 and the first few episodes from the final season in this week’s ‘Lost’ Virgin Diary.

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