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Show Me Yours: The Canadian Sex and the City

‘Show Me Yours’ (2004-2005) is the Canadian ‘Sex and the City.’ It talks about sex realistically while portraying incredibly hot sex. Like ‘SATC,’ it isn’t the sex that makes the show fun, but the underlying relationships.

by An Nicholson

MusiClack – Devo on Square Pegs

The 80’s will be remembered for many reasons, not the least of which are its classic television shows and iconic musical groups. Both – in the form of Devo and ‘Square Pegs’ – were made for each other.

by Michael Noble

When it comes to having kids, one size doesn’t fit all – SATC week

When I watched ‘Sex and the City’ in its heyday, I was a twenty-something without children. Now, as a thirty-something with two kids, I reexamine how the show portrays each character’s feelings about raising a family.

by Rachel Blum-Jose

So You Think You Can Dance – Of solos and all-stars

Eight were left … now it’s down to six. It’s a lot more manageable and it’s a lot easier to take a look at the contestants on ‘SYTYCD’ this time around. Whos left, what’s going on …

by Michael Noble

Face Off – Barnacle(less) Bill the sailor

Following direction seems to be a challenge for some of the contestants on ‘Face Off.’ Ignoring them isn’t going to win you any gold star(fishes).

by Michael Noble

MasterChef – 60 minute souffl├ęs

One of the remaining guys gets edged out of the competition by the narrowest of margins. He’s one of the contestants I’ve been rooting for all season.

by Michael Noble

What’s funnyman Jamie Kennedy up to now? – Interview

Remember Jamie Kennedy? It’s impossible to forget the comedian considering how funny he is. As the host of a new game show and a few projects in development, it seems Kennedy is still hard at work. However, is there any chance we’ll see the return of ‘The Jamie Kennedy Experiment?’

by Jaylen Christie
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