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On bi-weekly Fridays, Tara and Michael sound off against one another over some long-time avoided staples of television: commercials.

CommercialClack – Cadillac believes you think with your ass

Someone’s been poking Michael with a stick again. He’s up in arms about the latest Cadillac ad. Grab some popcorn, sit back and let’s watch him rant and rave in this week’s CommercialClack.

by Michael Noble

CommercialClack – Yay! Nifty (sexist) vintage television ads!

While some of us might yearn for the wonderful world of black and white, the mannerisms back then leave much to be desired as we see in this week’s CommercialClack.

by Tara Shrodes

CommercialClack – Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G LTE

Michael is sighing over here. Heavily. At the Sprint ‘Evo’ commercial currently on the airwaves. And Tara does not see what the big deal is. Let’s CommercialClack!

by Michael Noble

CommercialClack – Those head-shaking McDonald’s ads

Every couple of years, we get treated to some spectacular Olympic moments, be they during the summer games or the winter games. The McDonald’s ads below? Not included in any of those moments …

by Michael Noble

CommercialClack – What’s the meaning of demeaning?

Tara and Michael draw gender lines in the sand in this week’s CommercialClack. See whose side you’re on.

by Tara Shrodes

Dee Snider and Stanley Steemer: A winning combination – CommercialClack

Fan of sarcasm? Is your tongue firmly planted in cheek? Then this week’s CommercialClack is right up your alley …

by Michael Noble

CommercialClack – Kayak and its strange commercials

Advertising and marketing can sometimes be odd pools to dip your toes in. Take the commercials has to offer of late …

by Michael Noble
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