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Moments on television where you have to wonder: What were they thinking?

CommercialClack – Cadillac believes you think with your ass

Someone’s been poking Michael with a stick again. He’s up in arms about the latest Cadillac ad. Grab some popcorn, sit back and let’s watch him rant and rave in this week’s CommercialClack.

by Michael Noble

CommercialClack – Those head-shaking McDonald’s ads

Every couple of years, we get treated to some spectacular Olympic moments, be they during the summer games or the winter games. The McDonald’s ads below? Not included in any of those moments …

by Michael Noble

The Brady Bunch reboot: When it ultimately fails, we can gladly blame Vince Vaughn

Hollywood: Please. Not another doomed-to-fail reboot. Have you no mercy on us, your faithful viewing public … the 18-49 demographic who has stuck with you through thick and thin?

by Michael Noble

Is there a choice when it comes to The Choice?

Summer programming can be a slippery slope. If you want to take the chance of having your brain cells leap to their deaths from that ledge inside your mind, hideously screaming all the way down, all you need do is tune into FOX’s ‘The Choice.’ I urge you: Just say no.

by Michael Noble

So You Think You Can Dance – Mary Murphy’s drama

Desperate! Drug-addicted! Childish! Nymphomaniacal! Self-absorbed! Cocaine-fueled! Demanding! Drunk! No … I’m not talking about Charlie Sheen and his upcoming ‘Anger Management’ on FX … rather Mary Murphy of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ …

by Michael Noble

Supernatural’s Castiel: Why giveth only to taketh away? – Open Letters

Why, oh why, would the writers of ‘Supernatural’ bring back Castiel, only to have him sit in a psych ward? I’m hoping the writers have a higher plan for this beloved character in the last two episodes of the season.

by Debbie McDuffee

Two and a Half Men’s biggest douchebag – Quibbling Siblings

I really thought the biggest douchebag award for people associated with ‘Two and a Half Men’ had to to go Charlie Sheen or Chuck Lorre. It was a toss-up given the day. But now with Lee Aronsohn’s latest comments, a new douchebag is definitely in the running.

by Debbie McDuffee
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