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Cougar Town – Women power, catch phrases and nicknames

There’s a lot about ‘Cougar Town’ that I love, but tonight’s episode was all about the catch phrases, one-liners and nicknames for me. I couldn’t help but think of ‘Seinfeld.’

by Debbie McDuffee

Cougar Town – Everyone just needs to pound some grape

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather pound some grape than do the Walk of Awesome, although it’s fun to watch them both.

by Debbie McDuffee

Cougar Town – Penny Can!

“Truck Ghost,” “Drano,” “Stache Attack.” We learned so much during the triumphant return of ‘Cougar Town,’ it’s hard to believe we get a whole other episode this week.

by Kona Gallagher

What’s this show called … Cougar Town?

Each week I review a show that’s new to me. Good idea, or punishment (mine or yours)? You be the judge. But either way, if I had to watch it, the least you can do is read what I have to say….

by Aryeh S.

Cougar Town – Why don’t Modern Family viewers stick around?

I have more quotes I want to share and more genuine laughter before the credits of ‘Cougar Town’ than I do in some two hour theatrical comedies. Where do all the viewers go after ‘Modern Family?’

by Carissa Pavlica

Cougar Town – Leaving for college, take two

The big day has come, and Travis is leaving for college. This life event brings out the absolute best (and worst) of our ‘Cougar Town’ friends. THIS is the premiere I was waiting for.

by Carissa Pavlica

(Still) Cougar Town – Friends reunion #4,357. Ugh.

The highly anticipated return of ‘Cougar Town’ was sullied by the stunt casting of Jennifer Aniston. Next week is (thankfully) minus one Ms. Aniston, so I’ll give this one a mulligan.

by Carissa Pavlica
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