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Lie to Me – Lightman the canary sings out of his ass

I just got done writing a review lamenting the state of ‘House’ this evening. I wish I could have just rolled this review into that one to save time. I need to find out who wrote this episode so I can remember not to watch the next one they write.

by Jen Creer

The Lost finale disappointed the hell out of me

I thought about pondering the ‘Lost’ finale a couple of days before expressing my opinion on it, but I quickly realized that it doesn’t deserve a deeper analysis than it was, itself, deep. Because it just wasn’t.

by Keith McDuffee

For the love of God, Lost. That’s not how babies work – Open Letters

Come on, Lost. I will suspend my disbelief for a lot of things on this show, but you really need to explain to me exactly how those children survived with no food source.

by Kona Gallagher

Lost in Lost – Why is Desmond so important?

At this point it has become clear that Desmond has a role to play in the final season of ‘Lost’ after being absent for half the season. What makes him so special?

by Bob Degon

Did Joss Whedon brainwash the Losties?

I have a theory. It stems from the fact that I cannot believe that anyone would watch and enjoy Lost willingly. I find it to be the most self-serving, inflated show on television. Sure, they’ve taught their actors to master the hateful glare and they bring the non-linear storytelling to an obnoxious level of annoyance […]

by Debbie McDuffee

Lost in Lost – Two minutes of season 5

We’re still more than a month away from the premiere, but that doesn’t mean all is quiet in the world of Lost. We were treated to our first sneak peak at the new season this week. I’m not talking about a trailer here, but a whole two minutes from the season’s first episode! Alright, it’s […]

by Bob Degon
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