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Sons of Anarchy – For me, this season is all about Gemma

Someone actually gets burned alive in this episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but it’s the continuing evolution of Gemma Teller that has me hooked.

by Kona Gallagher

Is the death knell ringing for Outlaw?

Despite its somewhat unrealistic premise, ‘Outlaw’ has tackled some interesting political questions, something rare for a lawyer show. However, I’m not sure it’ll be around next week to see what Garza tackles next.

by Ivey West

Can Outlaw stick around?

At some point, ‘Outlaw’ and, well, the outlaw himself aren’t going to be able throw the audience and his team for a loop just for the sake of it. Will ‘Outlaw’ settle down and keep its shingle hung?

by Ivey West

Outlaw – CliqueClack preview

There is quite a bit worth liking in the first hour of ‘Outlaw’, but if it’s going to sustain a viewership, the show is going to have to settle down a bit.

by Ivey West

TV presidents past – the worst to the best

With the real White House changing hands this week, I started to reminisce about some of my favorite TV presidents past. In no particular order (other than from worst to best): Allison Taylor, 24: No offense intended, President Taylor, but we just don’t know much about you yet. To be honest, I don’t know any […]

by Aryeh S.

Ode to shows past (or, my secret shame) – Guest Clack

Today’s guest clacker is Aryeh S. who, with his wife and infant son, are transplanted New Yorkers, temporarily living in the quaint village of Philadelphia. He and his wife look forward to the day when their son sleeps past 5am … it will also make it easier for them to clean up the 75 hour […]

by Keith McDuffee

New characters I’m loving this season – Guest Clack

Your guest clacker today is Cate Cropp, a Jersey girl living in Portugal who just can’t give up American TV. Introducing a new character into a show can be a tricky task.  Sometimes they integrate well into the cast and add an interesting new dynamic to a series.  Other times, they can fall flat and […]

by Keith McDuffee
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