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Scrubs – What’s love got to do with it?

ABC is definitely keeping the costs down. Last week, Turk was nowhere to be found in either episode, and this week the first episode went down with no janitor and J.D. only heard over a cell phone. But Percival Ulysses was in da house! I liked the idea of Dr. Grumpy aka Denise hooking up […]

by Jason Hughes

Scrubs – Being the new Chief of Medicine sucks

Tonight’s twofer thematically fit together, with both episodes focusing primarily on Dr. Perry Cox’s adjustment to being the new Chief of Medicine. It turns out it’s a helluva lot of work and it’s almost guaranteed to make you unpopular, as his new friend Dr. Kelso tells him. See, Dr. Kelso wasn’t so bad. He just […]

by Jason Hughes

Scrubs – New network, new interns, new boss, classic blend

(Season 8, Episodes 1 & 2 – “My Jerks” & “My Last Words” – Season Premiere) The first words of the shiny new season on ABC are “That’s new,” as JD points to the ABC logo in the bottom right corner. This segueways us into a discussion between him and the janitor about his new […]

by Jason Hughes

My look at Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season

You know, it’s a little depressing looking at these DVD sets for the 2007-2008 television season. Because of the writer’s strike, most of our favorite shows had really short runs, truncating plans and creating pretty uneven presentations. This was especially difficult for Scrubs, because the seventh season was supposed to be their final season. And […]

by Jason Hughes
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