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Cougar Town – Brought to you by Disney

It’s a Disney-filled ‘Scrubs’ reunion on ‘Cougar Town,’ AKA “‘Scrubs’ in Florida with a lot of wine.”

by Kona Gallagher

Scrubs – Love and marriage in the tropics

See, now this two-parter is how you do those special “vacation” episodes long-running sitcoms are famous for. You know you watch them and love them. The girls get into hot bikinis for those sexy beach scenes, and the whole thing is filmed on location in some exotic locale. The interns were absent, but every one […]

by Jason Hughes

Scrubs – On all things hands and love

Just one episode of Scrubs this week, and it feels right. The writers do such a good job of wrapping up their plotlines along a similar theme or common element, that it’s almost too much that we were getting those back-to-back installments. That and it was rushing us headlong to an early end for the […]

by Jason Hughes

Webisode Clack – Scrubs webisodes make me think the show could’ve survived without Zach Braff

Before Bill Lawrence announced this would be the last season of Scrubs, rumors were rampant that the show, if its ratings held up, was going to remain on the ABC schedule. With or without creator Lawrence and star Zach Braff. Heck, even Bill himself said something to that effect when the show premiered in January! […]

by Richard Keller

Scrubs – What’s love got to do with it?

ABC is definitely keeping the costs down. Last week, Turk was nowhere to be found in either episode, and this week the first episode went down with no janitor and J.D. only heard over a cell phone. But Percival Ulysses was in da house! I liked the idea of Dr. Grumpy aka Denise hooking up […]

by Jason Hughes

Scrubs – Being the new Chief of Medicine sucks

Tonight’s twofer thematically fit together, with both episodes focusing primarily on Dr. Perry Cox’s adjustment to being the new Chief of Medicine. It turns out it’s a helluva lot of work and it’s almost guaranteed to make you unpopular, as his new friend Dr. Kelso tells him. See, Dr. Kelso wasn’t so bad. He just […]

by Jason Hughes

Scrubs – The new Chief of Medicine and Sesame Street?

(Season 8, Episodes 5 & 6 – “My ABC’s” & “My Cookie Pants”) Fun Fact: Janitor’s grandpa apparently called him Janitor, too. In the first of our two-part Scrubs hour, we got to see J.D., Elliot and Perry all choose one of the new interns to mentor. J.D. hooked up with Denise/Jo, who’s the go-to […]

by Jason Hughes
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