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The Closer – Who killed Santa?

Gavin's back and better than ever. Unfortunately, not even he can move this lawsuit storyline along at anything but a snail's pace.

- Season 7, Episode 12 - "You Have the Right to Remain Jolly"

I was a Lost fan from the beginning, so I watched every episode weekly instead of blasting through them on DVD. This was an especially thankless task in season 3, when it seemed as though we had entire episodes of filler until the last five minutes when everything awesome happened. That’s what this episode of The Closer reminded me of.

It’s the Christmas episode, so they wanted to keep it light-hearted, and what better way to do that than having Fred Willard play a drunken Santa Claus? Plus, there was lots of Buzz being adorable and all of the guys fawning over his hot sister. We all learned about the meaning of Christmas, and everyone ended up happy. Well, everyone on the show at least. I was just kind of bored.

Instead of making any forward movement on what we actually care about: the lawsuit and the leak, it was dragged out a little more this week. We didn’t really learn anything new, but nevertheless, the last five minutes of the episode were the best, as they brought back Jacob himself (Mark Pellegrino) as Brenda’s lawyer, Gavin.

Sidenote: I would love nothing more than for Gavin and his fabulous pins to be a recurring character on Major Crimes. He’s an amazing character and seeing him interact with Captain Raydor on a weekly basis would be amazing. If this isn’t already in the works, let’s please make it happen.

So Gavin, in addition to just being awesome, totally drops the dime on Pope. Pope is a total dick, so he’s been taking credit for Gavin’s initial retainer being paid, when, in fact, Fritz took care of it. I’ve already been convinced that Pope is the leak for months, but this episode pretty much cements it, right? His little speech to Gavin seems like overcompensation for someone who has a guilty conscience about selling out his ex-lover, friend and colleague.

Pope’s kind of awful, but I don’t think he would have leaked any information if he knew that someone would literally make a Federal case out of it. So now he’s backtracking and trying to save both his and Brenda’s asses. Something tells me it’s not going to work.


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