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Bio: If you live on the East Coast and watched a local ad on cable between 2002 and 2005, there's a chance I had something to do with that-- I may have even written it. I'm sorry and I promise that I never *wanted* to end a commercial with a shot of the employees standing in the parking lot and waving; it just happens. Right now, I confine my writing to various corners of the internet, including the entire CliqueClack family of sites. If you travel between the sites, you can probably figure out enough information about me to steal my identity. So good luck with that, sucker. Have fun paying my student loans.

Posts by Kona Gallagher

Sons of Anarchy – For me, this season is all about Gemma

Someone actually gets burned alive in this episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but it’s the continuing evolution of Gemma Teller that has me hooked.

Of all the people on TV who should be unemployed, Fred Willard is not one of them

Fred Willard recently lost his job after his lewd conduct arrest in an adult movie theater. Did PBS overreact?

Community – Does the show even need Pierce?

It’s all-out war on ‘Community’ this week. Some of it even happens in the episode itself.

Community – Shirley comes into her own

Community’s back! We get to see everyone in a whole new light this week. Well, except for Jeff. He’s always been a drunken jerk with daddy issues (but we love him!).

Cougar Town – Brought to you by Disney

It’s a Disney-filled ‘Scrubs’ reunion on ‘Cougar Town,’ AKA “‘Scrubs’ in Florida with a lot of wine.”

Cougar Town – A Scrubs reunion

Sarah Chalke shows up and possibly helps ‘Cougar Town’ usher in a whole new era.

Cougar Town – An appreciation of Bill Lawrence

Travis gets injured and everyone thinks about how sucky it is to be a parent sometimes.

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