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Bio: If you live on the East Coast and watched a local ad on cable between 2002 and 2005, there's a chance I had something to do with that-- I may have even written it. I'm sorry and I promise that I never *wanted* to end a commercial with a shot of the employees standing in the parking lot and waving; it just happens. Right now, I confine my writing to various corners of the internet, including the entire CliqueClack family of sites. If you travel between the sites, you can probably figure out enough information about me to steal my identity. So good luck with that, sucker. Have fun paying my student loans.

Posts by Kona Gallagher

Cougar Town – Co-MOHs

Now that Coach and Tammy Taylor are no longer on our TV screens, it’s a good thing we have Any and Ellie around to fill the void of showing us what a strong, healthy marriage should entail. Spoiler: it definitely includes staging murder scenes. I’m pretty sure they stole that directly from Dr. Phil.

Cougar Town – Who wasn’t thinking of Monica and Chandler?

‘Cougar Town’ enters ‘Friends’ territory in the season three premiere, but with much different results.

Parks and Recreation – The best Christmas ever

Leslie is a world-class gift giver, but it’s her co-workers who end up giving the most amazing gift of all. This week’s episode of ‘Parks and Rec’ is a tearjerker.

Community – Dan Harmon really hates Glee

‘Community’ decides that the spirit of Christmas means taking shots at ‘Glee.’ It is glorious.

Sons of Anarchy – The more things change, the more they stay the same

While there was certainly a big shakeup on the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season finale, it wasn’t the one I expected. Did your predictions come true?

The Closer – Who killed Santa?

Gavin’s back and better than ever. Unfortunately, not even he can move this lawsuit storyline along at anything but a snail’s pace.

Parks and Recreation – It was worth it

Leslie Knope is on trial and proves that she won’t sit back and let herself become a frozen whore.

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