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Bio: If you live on the East Coast and watched a local ad on cable between 2002 and 2005, there's a chance I had something to do with that-- I may have even written it. I'm sorry and I promise that I never *wanted* to end a commercial with a shot of the employees standing in the parking lot and waving; it just happens. Right now, I confine my writing to various corners of the internet, including the entire CliqueClack family of sites. If you travel between the sites, you can probably figure out enough information about me to steal my identity. So good luck with that, sucker. Have fun paying my student loans.

Posts by Kona Gallagher

Community – Big Cheddar and Tinkle-Town

We have no idea who Shirley and Annie are, as they both show darker sides of themselves this week.

Sons of Anarchy – Gemma comes clean

Gemma bathes in the cathartic light of the truth. Oh wait, no she doesn’t. She’s making a ruthless ploy to further her own interests. I love you, Gemma. Don’t ever change.

The Closer – Does it even matter who the leak is anymore?

It’s the mid-season premiere of ‘The Closer.’ Do we get any closer to finding out who’s betraying Brenda? More importantly, does it even matter?

Sons of Anarchy – You’re gonna die

It’s yet another tense and shocking episode leading up to the finale. I’m having a harder and harder time figuring out exactly what’s going to be left of SAMCRO when the dust clears.

Community – Hearts of Darkness

I will not look at this as a goodbye. I will not look at this as a goodbye. I will keep telling myself this even though this week’s episode of ‘Community’ is a walk down memory lane.

Parks and Recreation – The return of Beslie

Yeah. Beslie. I’m going to make it happen. I’m so excited about the potential return of Ben and Leslie’s relationship, that I’m making up stupid couple names for them.

Sons of Anarchy – But which son?

It’s an extra-long and jam-packed episode that seems to make Clay’s death even more of an inevitability.

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