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Parks and Recreation – The best Christmas ever

Leslie is a world-class gift giver, but it's her co-workers who end up giving the most amazing gift of all. This week's episode of 'Parks and Rec' is a tearjerker.

- Season 4, Episode 10 - "Citizen Knope"

Leslie Knope, to the surprise of absolutely no one, is the most amazing gift-giver in the world. Andy’s gold record was adorable, and watching Ron cry over his automatic door closer was one of the best moments of the episode. Although, Ron wasn’t the only one who was overcome by the Christmas spirit. While Community‘s Christmas episode was irreverent and hilarious, Parks and Recreation‘s Christmas episode was actually kind of a perfect Christmas special. It was warm, touching, from the heart, and made you think of what’s really important this holiday season.

I love the episodes where people rally around Leslie, and this is probably the best example of it. Spearheaded by Ron, the office took the things that Leslie holds dear and re-purposed them into the best Christmas gift ever. Beyond that, they rescued a once-promising storyline.

When we found out that Leslie was running for office last season, it sounded amazing. Unfortunately, other than it serving as a catalyst for Leslie and Ben to break up, we haven’t really gotten a ton of mileage out of it this season. Having April as youth outreach, Donna giving rides in her Benz, Tom as a swagger coach, Andy as a body man, and Ron helping with any other damn thing she needs really sounds promising. I can’t wait to see where Leslie’s campaign goes. I’m also curious to see if Ben is going to find a way to get involved, now that he doesn’t actually have a job.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode:

“Sit tight? Take a beat? Relax? I don’t wanna do any of those things. In fact, while I was in that meeting, I was also planning my mother’s birthday party in my head. Strawberry margaritas! Another use for Salger!” – Leslie

“Like the drug PCP, we are so fast-acting and powerful, we should be illegal.” – Leslie

“I made a marshmallow Ron Swanson. His arms are crossed because he’s mad at all of the other marshmallow workers for annoying him.” – April

“I had to ask myself, ‘what kind of candy should I choose?’ Obviously chocolate, ’cause I’m sweet, smooth, and the ladies love me. Now the question still remains, ‘what kind of chocolate am I?’ Do I have a little gooey caramel center? Am I filled with little rice crispies? Maybe I’m white chocolate and I’m bucking all the stereotypes.” – Tom

Dennis Feinstein: “Don’t talk to Eddie. Treat him like you would treat a person in another country that you’ve paid $25,000 to hunt.”
Ben: “What are you talking about?”
Dennis Feinstein: “What am I talking about? I’m talking about the best vacation of my life.”

There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives.” – Leslie


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