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Cougar Town – An appreciation of Bill Lawrence

Travis gets injured and everyone thinks about how sucky it is to be a parent sometimes.

- Season 3, Episode 3 - "Lover's Touch"

There is a reason why no one involved in an artistic project should really give reviews too much weight: so much of what goes into a review is based on what the reviewer is feeling at the time: their own bullshit relationship issues, troubles at work, traffic, whatever. For me, I’m hormonal and having a lot of feelings about my son and babies in general. Also, appropriately enough for a Cougar Town review, I bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store tonight, which I promptly dropped on the way into the house, causing the neck to break off. I still drank it though; my thought process being, “It looks like a clean break; there probably isn’t any glass in there.”

So the point is this: I’m having mommy feelings and I’ve had a lot of red wine and potentially a little bit of glass. Don’t even worry about it.

I just listened to Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence‘s episode of WTF with Marc Maron. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s either a fan of Cougar Town or rich white people in general. One of the things that stuck with me that I kept on thinking about during this week’s episode of Cougar Town is something that Lawrence said about Scrubs: that they could have broad comedy that could turn on a dime and be really emotional. My favorite example of this from Scrubs is when Brendan Fraser died. It made me cry like a baby.

This week’s episode of Cougar Town wasn’t quite to that extent, but I certainly had some Sacred Heart flashbacks when Travis ended up in the hospital. Between Jules’s buildup to a freakout and Laurie’s revelation that you can’t protect your kids from everything, I may have been making some awkward faces.

That’s not to say the episode wasn’t hilarious, because it was. The horrible family dinner, Andy’s feet, Dominance Ball, and Jules offering Travis some sleeping pills to bring him down all cracked me up.

Some of my favorite lines from this episode:

“Nothing’s just for dudes anymore; not NASCAR, not cigars – not even peeing standing up.” – Laurie

Grayson: “No woman can ignore The Truth.”

Andy: “Did you just call your body the truth?”

Grayson: “I did, and I did it unironically.”

Ellie: “I miss being a ho.”

Laurie: “You want back in? ‘Cause we’ll take you back”

“Oh my God. That was scary and humiliating. Two things that make me cry.” – Ellie

“I almost died once at an amusement park. I got strangled by an animatronic bear. Turns out when you throw a whole cup of soda on them, those things go crazy.” Laurie

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2 Responses to “Cougar Town – An appreciation of Bill Lawrence”

February 29, 2012 at 8:09 AM

For future reference: A coffee filter works wonders for getting glass out of wine.

February 29, 2012 at 8:27 AM

But I have a Keurig!

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