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Liked Scrubs? Try Green Wing! – British Clack

Do you miss awesome, kickbutt absurdist comedy? Do you miss a lead with wavy brown hair, huge brown eyes and a huge crush on a fellow blonde doctor? Well, check out “Green Wing,” the British “Scrubs.”

by An Nicholson

Cougar Town – A Scrubs reunion

Sarah Chalke shows up and possibly helps ‘Cougar Town’ usher in a whole new era.

by Kona Gallagher

Cougar Town – An appreciation of Bill Lawrence

Travis gets injured and everyone thinks about how sucky it is to be a parent sometimes.

by Kona Gallagher

Poll – Who is TV’s wackiest doctor?

Whether timey-wimey, lupus-assessing (it’s never lupus) or gross and crustacean, there sure are lots of kooky doctors on TV. And some of them even SAVE lives!

by Katie Schenkel

Happy Endings – What’s in a name?

Two new episodes of ‘Happy Endings’ aired last night, one of which dealt with whether a name means anything — whether it’s one we’re given, or one we’ve adopted for ourselves.

by Rachel Blum-Jose

Please watch Cougar Town before the writers lose their damn minds

‘Cougar Town’ has been on a long hiatus and the stress is getting to the guys in charge. Some sort of telethon/intervention may be necessary.

by Kona Gallagher

Amazon TV related deals – Holiday Super Sale, day four: Seinfeld, Soap, Heroes

Amazon’s having another week of DVD lightning deals this week. Here’s today’s update for what deals they have going on today and when, as well as other awesome deals going on all month.

by Keith McDuffee
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