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Cougar Town – A Scrubs reunion

Sarah Chalke shows up and possibly helps 'Cougar Town' usher in a whole new era.

- Season 3, Episode 4 - "Full Moon Fever"

Okay, I’m not sure if it could actually be called a Scrubs reunion if it’s only Sarah Chalke, but it was still exciting to see her. I try not to read any casting news or spoilers about shows I review, because I like to go in as a blank slate, so although I had heard that Sarah Chalke was going to be on Cougar Town, I had no idea if it was just a cameo appearance, or a recurring character, or what. After this episode though, it certainly appears that she’ll be back.

Jules and Grayson have always been the main love story of the show, but with them getting engaged, we need Bobby to step up and fill the romance void. Chalke is an excellent choice for this. She was a fantastic candidate for “The Mother” on How I Met Your Mother, and she’s just what Cougar Town needs in order to avoid another Office-like post-Jim and Pam black hole. Bobby Cobb is a buffoon, but hopefully having such a grounded, responsible love interest will help the writers flesh out his character a little bit more. We’ve seen flashes of the “real” Bobby, but it would be nice to see that play out a little more throughout a story arc.

Despite how I may look, I’m not in my forties. I do know, however, from observation, that it gets infinitely more difficult to find love the older you get. That’s why I’m glad that Travis got his head out of his ass and didn’t deny his father potential happiness, just because he was thinking of dating his college professor, whose class he’ll be in for one semester, tops. Give your dad a break! Let the olds find love wherever they can, because as Jules said, “Cobbs don’t age well.” Bobby certainly appears to be on a physical upswing, but at the end of the day, he’s Bobby Cobb. You know he’s not treating his body like a temple.

In other dating news, I’m hoping that Laurie’s Army boyfriend isn’t just a one-off Twitter joke. It would be nice to see her in another relationship, as she hasn’t really had many storylines of her own since Smith left and she rescued Travis from Hawaii. Even though Jules and Grayson getting married makes it seem like Cougar Town is kind of winding down, it could be the perfect way to finally put a nail in the coffin of the title’s original premise, and introduce a new set of swingin’ singles to the show.

Singles who drink wine out of fountains.

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