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Cougar Town – Gimme that damned bear head!

“You Don’t Know How It Feels” was both amusing and touching, once again showcasing what a wonderful combination of fun, friendship and love can be found on ‘Cougar Town.’ I hope you aren’t missing out!

by Carissa Pavlica

Bleep My Dad Says – Not so much this time around

Hmmmmm. The second episode of the series — “Wi-Fight” — seemed to take a real dive with the writers painting themselves into a corner … then predictably wrapping things up.

by Michael Noble

TV on DVD – Legend of the Seeker, Party Down, CSI, Scrubs

Lots of new (‘Legend of the Seeker’, ‘Party Down’, ‘Top Gear’, ‘CSI’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘Cleveland’, ‘South Park’, ‘No Reservations’) and classic (‘Designing Women’, ‘Rhoda’, ‘Rich Man Poor Man’, ‘Swamp Thing’) releases on the shelves this week.

by Brett Love

Bleep My Dad Says – William Shatner shines in this venue

In my opinion, this pilot wasn’t for $#*!. It looks like CBS has a winner on its hands with ‘Bleep My Dad Says’….

by Michael Noble

For I am Bob, destroyer of shows

Have any show you want canceled? Just have me start covering it, because it seems like every show I review gets canceled.

by Bob Degon

Sanford And Son Theme Song – CliqueClack Flashback

Is “The Streetbeater” in your Top 5 television theme songs of all time? It should be. After all, you know it well.

by Michael Noble

Ratings Clack – Daylight Savings knows kung-fu too…

Daylight savings kicked in and knocked ‘Chuck’, and a number of different shows, for a loop. Meanwhile, over on cable, premieres for ‘Justified’ and ‘South Park’ set some very high marks.

by Brett Love
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