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PodClack – Episode 45: Shoot her up the flue

In this episode, Jay joins guest Kona Gallagher to talk about the horribleness that is 'Whitney', the voluptuous Kat Dennings, the greatness of FX's 'Archer' and 'Sons of Anarchy', and the troubles of episode reviews.

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Photo Credit: Keith McDuffee, CliqueClack

One Response to “PodClack – Episode 45: Shoot her up the flue”

March 30, 2012 at 5:04 PM

Mr. Black and Ms. T,

Everyday I sit at my computer, gazing longingly at my itunes in hopes of a new podclack. When I see no podclack I weep openly, throwing my wadded tissues to the ground in despair, where my dog promptly chews them up and starts to choke. Due to the fact that I am in emotional despair from the lack of podclack, I find myself utterly helpless to aid my choking dog and am left to hopelessly hug my dog close to my chest while he dies in my arms. Now, I am on my ninth dog since the start of the podclack, so let me ask you this, why do you hate my dogs?

Get on that new podclack please

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