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Bio: I am a comedian who performs all over the country. Come and see me some time.

Posts by Jay Black

PodClack – Episode 46: Just the Saltines

Back after such a short time away …! Jay joins Christy T. for more talk about TV and of Christy T’s first months of motherhood.

Living Outside the Holodeck – How to fix televised debates

Only watching the news you agree with creates for people a reality as false as when Barclay used the Holodeck to get busy with Counselor Troi. Here’s how to fix that.

PodClack – Episode 45: Shoot her up the flue

In this episode, Jay joins guest Kona Gallagher to talk about the horribleness that is ‘Whitney’, the voluptuous Kat Dennings, the greatness of FX’s ‘Archer’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’, and the troubles of episode reviews.

PodClack – Episode 44: Coitus Interruptus

In this episode, Jay and Christy T. talk more about Christy’s pregnancy, ‘Community’ and other TV shows they love and hate, while the PodClack breaks a record for interruptions.

Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent makes sense

This wasn’t just the right move, it was the only move. In Stern, NBC has acquired one of only two people in the English speaking world whose opinion doesn’t seem a completely calculated construction (the other, of course, is Simon Cowell).

Sean Hannity is NOT an almighty janitor

Let me ask you a question: sight unseen and all other things being equal, who would you rather hire to fix your toilet: a self-taught handyman or a graduate of a vocational school?

PodClack – Episode 43: All my children

In this episode, Jay and Christy T. talk about Christy’s pregnancy, ABC’s ‘The Middle’, ‘Modern Family’ and more!

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